Twice the cum for Evan Mercy fans this week

Evan Mercy [twitter] was introduced by Bait Buddies to gay porn via a 4 part “documentary” about two str8 best friends exploring gay sex for the money. In his introduction to gay porn, Evan had a dildo and his best friend’s cock up his ass. After this experience, he moved on to work for other porn studios but only as a top. This week is no different.

Since Evan Mercy is only 5’7″, it would always be a scene where the bigger guy was fucked by the smaller guy. At Circle Jerk Boys, he fucked 6’2″ Tony Douglas.

Evan_mercy_tony_douglas_circlejerkboys_04 Evan_mercy_tony_douglas_circlejerkboys_05

He was back where his porn career started – Bait Buddies. This time he fucked 6’3″ Devin Adams. There was no “bait” for this scene since the scene description said that Devin wanted to be paired up with Evan.

Evan_mercy_devin_adams_baitbuddies_01 Evan_mercy_devin_adams_baitbuddies_02
Evan_mercy_devin_adams_baitbuddies_03 Evan_mercy_devin_adams_baitbuddies_04

I asked him if he and Michael were really best friends and if we will see him as a bottom in the future.