No more scenes of Tony Douglas at College Dudes (tip @ Tonygem)

Tony Douglas was in the hot seat this week due to his controversial tweets. Because of it, Tonygem contacted several companies that Tony worked for in the very recent past. He said these companies expressed anger and disgust and said “College Dudes has taken Tony Douglas’ vids off their main page.

The latest scene, which is on the main page today at College Dudes, paired Tony Douglas with Tyler Sweet. I think College Dudes meant that they will not hire Tony for another scene but will still release the scenes they filmed of him in a “timely manner” 🙂

Tony_douglas_tyler_sweet_collegedudes_02 Tony_douglas_tyler_sweet_collegedudes_03

This was not the last scene Tony did for College Dudes. I think it was with Shawn, according to Tony (sent via a comment)To be honest, you can ask Shawn at College Dudes in quoting me saying “This will most likely be the last thing I ever shoot” which was said during the filming when the controversial tweets appeared.”

Also in the same comment, Tony bid farewell to porn College Dudes turned around and charged FabScout Entertainment for the entire scene because they were pissed, supposedly. FabScout finds me as a liability to the company and has terminated any and all contracts and agreements. And since those words of mine have come to fruition, I bid you all a fond farewell! Enjoy your porn!

I think this will not be the last time we will see Tony if he is still willing to work in gay porn.