Eryk Eastman of Dirty Tony is also Allen of Chaos Men (tip @ Basil)

This year between January to April, Eryk Eastman appeared at Dirty Tony and 2 other porn sites that Dirty Tony owned – Naked Frat House and Naked Marine. He had two solos, an oral scene, got dirty with the owner, and two scenes as a bottom.

Eryk_eastman_01 Eryk_eastman_02
Eryk_eastman_05 Eryk_eastman_06
Eryk_eastman_07 Eryk_eastman_08

He is also known as Allen at Chaos Men where he was introduced last March. Besides a solo, he had 2 Serviced videos where he bottomed in the second one last month to Booker (aka Amos of Sean Cody).

Allen_chaosmen_01 Allen_chaosmen_02

It was mentioned by Chaos Men that Allen identifies himself as straight and he didn’t think he could stay hard as a top so he opted to be the bottom in his action scenes.