Dante Ferarro as the bottom at Randy Blue

Dante Ferarro (aka Dante Escobar) tweeted last year that he is a top and will not be bottoming anytime soon. Less than 7 months later, Randy Blue just released his first time as a bottom, where he was fucked by Chris Rockway. I don’t think he enjoyed it.


With regards to me saying Dante did not enjoy it, his reply was


Thank you Estelle for sharing this interview of Dante Ferarro by Men of Color.

Dante’s reply on the question on what he won’t do on camera “Well bottoming for one haha… although you MIGHT be seeing me doing it soon.” and about fantasizing as a bottom “I have let girls finger me and i mean I have bottomed before. I used to a lot with my ex its just i dont like to do it. I have to be really really into that person to be able to do it.