Sean Summers of College Dudes is also Landon of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Jeff)

Sean Summers first solo at College Dudes was released last May 01, 2012. He had four action scenes. Three as a top to Brayden White, Devin Adams and Alex Andrews. The fourth one was a solo but he shoved a dildo inside his hole. The latest scene released of Sean was last May 17, 2012.

Sean_summers_collegedudes_05 Sean_summers_collegedudes_06
Sean_summers_collegedudes_01 Sean_summers_collegedudes_02
Sean_summers_collegedudes_03 Sean_summers_collegedudes_04

Today, he was given the name Landon at Corbin Fisher. There was no solo. I assumed Corbin Fisher found out his other porn work. To make his intro exciting for fans who recognized him, he was barebacked by Harper.


UPDATE Sean did work in porn prior to College Dudes. [h/t Spongey & Flygal]


And, there are two porn stars with the name Sean Summers. The other one is from Southern Strokes.