The guy with the bigger dick got fucked at Extra Big Dicks

I have this impression of Extra Big Dicks that the bigger guy with a bigger dick is the top. It is even part of their site description “These huge cocks were made to stuff any awaiting tight hole aching to be filled. Now the only question is – will it all fit?” However, in their latest scene released, it was Chase Austin, with the bigger cock, who was “abused” by the less endowed Hayden Richards (aka Glen of Sean Cody).

BIG_COCK_chase_austin_hayden_richards_01 BIG_COCK_chase_austin_hayden_richards_02
BIG_COCK_chase_austin_hayden_richards_03 BIG_COCK_chase_austin_hayden_richards_04
BIG_COCK_chase_austin_hayden_richards_05 BIG_COCK_chase_austin_hayden_richards_06