THEN and NOW on the mugshot of Brenn Wyson (Thanks Estelle)

Brenn Wyson's first arrest was last January 2011 for driving with a suspended license. This year, he was arrested again last February 2012 for possession of cocaine.

I think Brenn Wyson learned something from his first mugshot 🙂

THEN_NOW_mugshot_brenn_wyson_01 THEN_NOW_mugshot_brenn_wyson_02 
Images @ Florida Mug Shots

Brenn is hot at age 40.

25 thoughts on “THEN and NOW on the mugshot of Brenn Wyson (Thanks Estelle)

  1. Brenn Wyson is 40?? … O.M.Gosh! I recently watched a BoundGods video featuring Brenn and will concur that he does look good for his age. lol!!

  2. Brenn is so fucking hot….guess he finally succumbed to the lure of fast money in porn. Shame: The guy really does have a future as a porn star and as a boxer (mad skills on that one).
    As a fan and as a fellow human….I hope he gets his shit together: he is one FINE man – his insides should follow his outside.

  3. I tried looking in the page and he doesn’t appear, anyone has the name? cuz in late february doesn’t appear…

  4. OMG why I immediately think of “Oz” when I read this post? Brenn could be some Chris Keller for sure.

  5. First I have to say I’m confuse didn’t Brenn-Wyson retire from gay porn last year to focus on his boxing and MMa skills.At least that what he said on his twitter account because porn was taking up 2 much of his time and need more of it 2 work on his fighting skills.I guest he change his mind and continue to do gay-porn up until now because I just read on that Brenn-Wyson will no longer be working for their porn site any more he will be going back to school to concentrate on his book and studies.I wonder how his arrest on drugs charges last February will effect his schooling? If he has a problem with drug addictions just asking a Question dose any one know the answer? that all I have to say.

  6. brenn is one of the hottest guys in porn. great look and great voice. knowing he’s a “bad boy” kinda makes him hotter.

  7. Hi Its Brenn Wyson LOL. this is great stuff. Check out my fan page on Facebook. (Michael Fox’s September Sky. My book is about jail. I have a real kick ass show in sept in hollywood florida. Thank you fans. Im posting 40 pages of my book. The book is about 80 thousand words. Love all of you.

  8. Well if you are the real Brenn, first that scene with Zeb in the hotel is not as. The other scene with Brandon Lewis I brought the other day hot too. I am not into you kinky stuff but you are hot. Keep ignoring the haters but stay off coke. All the best.

  9. Grrr bad spelling sorry all – hot as and not into. There is another hot i
    scene but cannot remember I think it was that sexy Clay Towers.

  10. I love Brenn Wyson / Mike Fox. Please dont let the drugs take you down. Stay healthy and stay a badass. I love this guy so much. I used to live in Broward county. Wish I would have discovered your gym.

  11. If it’s really you, I remember the night of that first arrest. It was total b.s. I was next to you in the car. That was a really unfair situation that happened to a really great guy. I hope everything’s going well & that your happy. You look great.

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    Photo of me…
    Anna has been gone for 2 days. Thank god! I’ve been wicked worried about her. You can’t stop someone on a drug run and there is nothing you can do when someone is on a drug run. All you can do is hope nothing bad happens and they find there way back. “Please Ibogaine, Please show up. Before its too late!” Ring, Ring, Ring. I look at my phone and notice it is my neighbor across the hall. Her name is listed as crazy neighbor on my phone. She’s the one I had sex with and the crazy bitch fell in love. I told her, “Its just sex,. Its all I want!” Hence ending the relationship. When she calls, I know not to answer her phone. Because she never has anything nice to say. I see crazy had left a message, “Hi Mike it’s Crazy. Your girlfriend is outside your door and can’t get into you place.” I immediately call back! Crazy answers and I say, “Hi. Where is she?” Crazy said, “She’s outside the door. Her phone is not working and she lost her keys.” I ask, “Can you let her call me from your phone?” Crazy replies with attitude, “No I’m about to get in the shower!” I said, “You live across the hall! My door is right outside your door! She doesn’t know I’m working because I’m covering another sift. I want to let her know she’s safe and I’ll be home soon.” She said, “No! Im about to get in the shower!” I can hear the hate in Crazy’s voice. I know she’s not going to help! “Come on! Anna will be scared. She’s little thing!” Crazy said, “No!” And hangs up the phone. Let me tell you about Anna. She is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. She turns everyone’s head. Everything about this girl shines.
    Anna is about 108 lbs. A beautiful light skinned Latina girl with an attitude to match. Anna married the captain of the Miami Hurricanes, divorced him. She has everyone under her manipulative finger. Except for the master of manipulation, me. Anna looks like a sweet beautiful Latin girl. Don’t let that fool yah! She’s as smart as a whip.
    I never thought there was another place with people similar to Bostonian people until I met her. Boston people are proud people and don’t consider themselves part of the United States common lifestyle. Boston people will always tell you they are from, “Boston, What of it!” Anna and I talk and collaborate to how our cultures are the same. How our families stick together and take care of business. Anna has a shyness and classiness in her swagger. She is thin with curves and a great deposition. Our love is strong and we have each other’s back. “Fuawk she’s my slut and I’m her whore!” I never felt so close to a woman in my whole life. She makes me feel proud to be me! She brings tears to the corner of my eyes. Anna give me hope in holding onto my closest dreams. Anna calls to me, “MeeCo!” As a couple, we understand each others pain. Knowing all too well the paths we’ve traveled. Yet by some odd coincidence, we survived. Our laughter and joy brings us to a trust we have never felt. “Anna, will you be my girlfriend?” I make a paper ring and place it on her index finger. She looks at me with a smile that nearly melted me to the floor. I can barely hold back the tears. She answers, “Yes MeeCo!”
    My anxiety takes over as my crazy neighbor hangs up the phone. “What am I going to do? If I leave work I’m going to lose my job at a place and with a person I really like working for.” Next I called a person I’m not really too fond about. He is a bigot. When he found out about me being a gay porn star. Jamie became a bigot. The only way Jamie could find out about me is through my partners and investors. 1 year prior Kim Fackett and Tim Helmse became involved in my autobiography. Many times I would hear these men comments of bigotry towards the gays. Listening to them call me a drug addict and laugh with comments of hate towards my lifestyle. After Jamie started working for the Tim Helms Group. Jamie. Lets give him a nickname. Metro stop being friendly and snickered words of hate towards gays. Metro would laugh, “fagot.” under his breath. Now he is working a job with my partners at Coldwell Breakfast club, on east Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The person I’m not fond about Jamie Cunningham is working for my business partners. Small world. Tim Helms and Kim Fackett are my investors. These 2 men invested a small amout of money in my book I’m about to publish. Tim Helms and Kim Fackett are in the top 50 percent of real estate brokers in the united states. Metro had just started working for Kim and Tim. Kim mocks me on the phone in his nightly drunk voice, saying, “Mike! MIke! Mike! Your book would be worth more money if you were dead!” I never knew a lifestyle that I chose to live would cause so much hatred and discrimination. I never knew the fight would end up against my business partners and peers living around me. I never knew how much people still hate gays. Because of being bisexual! I became accustomed on how to deal with bigotry. “I’m tired of it!” In the latest incident, I was beaten badly with a weapon by my neighbor Metro. He used a metal rod the police are issued. A Night Jack Stick. Like a switch blade It flings out four times its size. Trust me when I say it hurts! Anna and I are ready to go and enjoy the day. Anna dresses beautifully and cute as always. I’m dressed in a nice shirt and casual dress pants. We both walk outside to where my motorcycle is parked. “Your girl looks like whore!” I look behind me and notice Metro Jamie across the street. He is standing behind a chain link fence. I look back at him and say, “What did you say?” Metro Jamie looks at my girlfriend and said, “Do you know your boyfriend sleeps with men! Do you know your boyfriend is a faggot gay porn star! Do you know your boyfriend has Hepatitis C and he probably has AIDS to?” Anna looks at him and starts to laugh, “I know everything about him, boy! You’re not telling me something I don’t know!” Metro becomes frustrated, steam blows out of his ears like a freight train. Metro losing control. James is standing on the hoodside of the street. Shirtless with a bottle of beer in his hand. 3 black men are standing next to Metrogel. The 3 men are talking in Metro’s ear, saying, “You going to let that boy chump you?!” I’m thinking, “What is this jail? Am I back in a cell living with inmates?” I start to walk up to the fence. Metro Cunningham and 3 other men are standing on the hood side of the fence. I start laughing and said, “Looks like you been snorting cocaine all day with your friends. I can notice the white residue powder left from the cocaine drug on your nose.” Metro looks high and to boot. The white trash is standing with a bottle of cheap beer in his hand. I said, “Stop talking shit and leave me fuawk alone! Leave my girlfriend alone!” Metro said, “Your drug addict girlfriend!” Becoming mad. I said, “What?! Fuawk You!” Metro opens the gate and pushes into me! Whipping out a metal jack stick weapon. He bumps into me and I push him back. Metro violently hits me hard over and over. Bam! He slams the metal into my back! Bam! AHHHH! The metal jack strikes the side of my jaw. I threw my hands up to protect my self. I confront my agresor. Standing toe to toe. I am scared of the law and this can go either way. Knowing I’m a pro boxer. One thing is for certain, I can’t hit him or I’m going to jail. My hands are registered as weapons. Bam! Metro bashes me with the weapon! With all my might, I try to grab the jack stick. Bam! Bam! Bam! Metro slashes my hand. Searing pains my hand and I immediately drops my guard! I scream in pain, “Fuawwwwk!” That my boston accent for those reading this. Lol… The next blow is a devastating blow! The jack stick strikes the back of my head. Everything stops and the world is echoing all around me. I’m about to get knocked out and I’ve never been knocked out, ever. I’ve been boxing my whole life. I was trained by Godie Petranelly who trained Marvelous Marvin Hagler. In my home town of Brockton Massachusetts. Hagler was one of the greatest pro boxer the world has ever seen. I also grew up around and trained with the Rocky Marciano italian family. Boxing is my passion. Its my love and my life! Prior to Metro’s malicious act. I was boxing the week before and sparring with Angel Martenies. We fought 12 rounds in the ring. “No! We battled for 12 rounds!” Angel has won over 16 pro fights. He said, “Mike you are the toughest person I have ever fought.” A couple years ago I fought Glen Poop-son in his own boxing gym in Kendall Miami. Before stepping in the boxing ring with Glen. I signed a waiver. The waiver reads, in case of death or if anything happens bad, medically the gym is not responsible. One man walks up to me and said, “Are you sure you want to box with him? He’s a renowned world champion!” At the end of the 3rd round. The bell rings! Ding Ding Ding! Glens coaches throw in the towel. Signifying that there man has had enough! My confidence grows because I just beat a world champion boxer. My boxing study and control is the only thing keeping Metro alive. Metro gay bashes the metal jack to the back of my head! Anna screams, “MeeCooooo!” The head shot from the night stick. Blinds me from what is about to happen. Now I’m scared! Thinking, “Mike you need to get your composure back or you are going to die!” Standing up in a daze! Frantically reaching for the weapon. I was hit a couple more times. Every Blast Metro violent strike me with. Pains me with a thought of my death. “I need to get the weapon.” Ripping the jack out of his hands. Metro strikes me with a right cross to my left temple. Bam! Still stunning me even more from to the back of my head! Everything turns black! Memories from jail come back to me when 8 men stormed into my jail cell and almost murdered me. “Why?” Because I was gay porn star. Now I’m fighting against the same hate crimes again. When people find out about my past. People I considered friends like Metro Cunningham. Stop being my friends and snicker with laughter about my life. Saying things that are discriminating. Attacking my life. I’ve become numb. Ignoring the 99 percent of people who discriminate on my gay lifestyle. I’ve become accustomed to the abuse. Now I’m being attacked by a man. Who is as big as I am and is a trained boxer. Not a good boxer, a half ass trained one. Metro is a half ass drug dealer. The (want to be, bad ass) drives a black beat up Mercedes car. Jamie is in his mid to late 20’s and talks like a tough, want to be tough guy. Metro thinks he is smarter than the system. He always brags about himself. Telling everyone that he’s going to be a millionaire. “Its crazy! Our world rewards con’s and drug addicts with money! Rewarding a fake American life!” Jamie’s apartment is above mine and I can hear everything. To him walking, having sex and fights with his girl. Even when he beats her. She’s screams, “Let me go! Let me go! AHHHHHHH! Get your hands off me!” I’m scared for his girl. I call him and leave a message, “Is everything ok?” Later I see him in the hall and as
    k, “Is she alive?” Jamie looks at me and he said with a smile, “Yah!”
    Metrogel is always hanging with the kids across the street, dealing drugs. He’s always talking with my crazy neighbor. The old buck tooth cougar I used to have sex with. My dad would always say, “Nothing like a scorned woman! I’d say! It’s our Fox family curse!” I truly believe sex is our curse. My crazy neighbor is gossiping to people around the neighborhood. Telling them how bad I am, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!” The cougar always tries to talk to me, “Hi Mike.” Not saying a word. I smile and turn my back to the old bag I used for sex. I thought since she was a cougar, I would be safe from crazyness. How wrong I was! She became the politician in spreading the good word. Turning everyone against me in my cool ass apartment. 801 Coontie Ct, Fort Lauderdale Florida. Unit number 2. When my brother came in town. She tried so hard to be with him. The cougar couldn’t have me. She had to have the next best thing! My brother. Rob starts making fun of me, “Boiy! You’re a wicked smaat(smart) one fuawking grandma! She’s a crazy chick. The bitch is out for your head.”
    “Bam!” I can’t see from the last punch Metro hits me with into my jaw! Inside my head sounds like an echo in the mountains. I’m still on my feet and the echo turns back into the fast sounds of the street. Hearing Jamie scream, “I’m going to beat your ass! Fagot!” The second I feel I have my composure back is the second I raise my hands to protect my face. The second I get my hands up to my jaw is the second James throws another right hand to the left side of my face. I counter with head movement and strike him with a left hook. Stunning him. James backs up in fear. “The cops are coming!” I hear Crazy neighbor yelling, “The cops are coming!” I’m thinking, If I beat him down. I’ll be the one going to jail. My crazy neighbor runs up to me! Screaming and yelling! She closes the gate to chain linked fence. Keeping Metro and I apart. Crazy is yelling at me, “Get out of here!” I can see the hate in her eyes. I yell, “Cougar! He was hitting me with the weapon!” She yelled, “You probably deserved it!” How did it escalate to this point? 3 days prior my girl Anna came home. She didn’t have her purse. Anna left it in her friend’s car. Anna’s cell phone was inside her purse. There is no way my baby girl, Anna can get in contact with me. That night I was called into work to cover someone else’s shift at the bar. Anna had no idea I was working. She is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. The girl can stop a freight train and she knows it. I’m the badass who has her back. Mentally she need a strong man. My boss hired her on the spot because she all that! She is all that. I never met someone as street smart as I am! I thought only people from Boston where the shit until I met my Venezuelan beauty. Her country government stands toe to toe with other countries. Her country people know their the shit! “Go Bruins!!!”
    At this point I know my girl is scared. I can only imagine the anxiety she was going through. She doesn’t have her guard dog around. That would be me! Anna feels safer than she’s ever felt when she is around me. She is proud to be around me and shows her true feeling. Anna is fearless of hell, as much as I am. All though she only way’s 108 pounds. The girl feels like a dragon who is mightier than any man! That tiny thing, will jump in your face, if you cross the line. You have never seen a tough ass bitch like Anna! I call Metro boy Jamie upstairs hoping he will answer. I call 3 or 4 times and finally he answers, “What do you want?” I ask, “Can you let my girl downstairs use your phone? She’s locked out! She is going to get scared If she doesn’t hear my voice. Anna doesn’t have her phone or keys to get in! Please bring your cell phone to her?” Metrogel replied with anger, “I’m sleeping! It’s not my problem!” I frantically said, “Please!” He said, “No!” Hanging the phone up on me! I call back! Metro’s voice mail picks up. I leave a not so nice message, “You’re such an asshole!” I leave a plethora of curse words on his voicemail! Frantically I call my brother. Hoping he will answer! It’s late. Rob gets up early for work. 5am early. I know he is asleep. “Please God! Please pick up the phone! Hello? Rob! Anna is outside my door! She can’t get in or call me!” He said, “How do you know she’s there?” I said, “Crazy across the hall called me up and told me Anna is on the front steps. Please can you go get her and bring her up at your house?” My brother said, “Mike, I’m sleeping! I have to work early!” I said, “Rob come on! I know she’s scared! Please!” Rob and I fight about Anna. Yelling at each other like the brothers we have always been. Rob hangs up the phone! “FFFFUUUAWWWK!” What am I going to do? I have to leave work. I have to! I have no other choice. I’m going to lose my job! What choice do I have! I feel something bad is going to happen. I jump on my motorcycle and put the key in the ignition. My heart is sinking into my stomach. I fear something bad is going to happen to Anna! My cell phone begins to vibrate in my pocket! Its my brother. I answer and he said, “I’ll go over there and check on her!” The weight has just lifted off my shoulders. My big brother! Who I could always count on when he is sober! I said, “Just bring her back to your place and I’ll pick her up after work!” All my worry disappears. I know she will be safe hands now! My big brother is going to get her. “AHHHHHH HELP!” Anna is running out of the neighbor’s house from across the street. She runs up to the first vehicle she sees. Anna has no idea whose vehicle it is. Anna is so scared and looks like a deer in headlights! Yelling, “I was almost raped! Help!” Immediately she knows it’s my brother and nephew Tommy in the vehical she ran up to!
    The panic in her eyes tells my brother something is really wrong! My brother grew up in the same streets in Boston as I did. He’s been through hell and back. He’s been in jail. My brother Rob went through his drugs days and has made it through to the other side! My brother and I can fight like cats and dogs but we always have each others back! I love him more than anything and I’m proud of what changes he has made in his life! My brother had one of the biggest paintball companies in the United States called Paintball Heaven. Now called P & L Paintball in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Our Boston Thug family created gun parts and redesigned the paintball industry. Our family invented the regulator that is built or attached to every paintball gun made to this date. For many years wealth was never a problem and we lived knowing it wasn’t. What kind of money our family business made in one weekend is more than most people could make in a lifetime! I’m talking sick money! Wealth for many many years. Then drugs! Drugs killed and ripped our family apart. My oldest brother overdosed as my father did years later. Drugs and alcohol became a part of our families strong statue. The broken statue that represented my family. My brother had 5 beautiful kids. Robs kids never thought life would ever turn bad. His oldest son speaks 5 languages. He’s gone to college in Yemen and Egypt. Little Robby who is not so little anymore. Speaks Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish and English. I barely speak Bostonian. The Air Force grabbed him because he is a brain. That kid makes me laugh because he is a smartass. I know he’s smart, but he’s definitely an ass! Lets call a spade a spade! Or even better! The true meaning of our last name, Fox. Most will say we are pure assholes from Mass. Giving Massachusetts its true nickname, Mass-Holes.
    My nephew Tommy is on school vacation from Franklin University in New Hampshire. Tommy is a smartass just like his older brother. He even made the dean’s list in college! Little Robby or Tommy’s big brother use to pick on Tommy. Until Little Tommy became Big Tommy! Tommies Boston thug smart ass, will even stand up to me. That boy is definitely carrying a set between his legs and stands proud to be a Fox! My brother’s third child is Brit. She’s beautiful. She tells me how stupid guys are and the games they play. Brit’s been hanging out with my step sister. My step sis is a total fuck up and has nothing good to stay. I tell my niece, “Brit you’re about to go to Dartmouth. It’s your first year of college. My stepsister is 40 years old. She’s a coke head.” Britt said, “She doesn’t go out much and is always with her dog.” My girlfriend Anna, my brother, my nephew Tommy and myself are all sitting downtown in Fatt Village in Ft Lauderdale. Having coffee at the coolest coffee shop down town. We are all sitting around a small table. I start laughing and said, “Is she still fuawking the dowg?” I wrote that in a boston accent, read between the lines… My brother’s eyes start to squint with laughter as my nephew starts to quietly chuckle. It’s a big joke amongst our family members that my sister has never had a boyfriend in years. We believe she is sleeping with her 200lbs Spraynard dog! “If she’s happy, good for her. Everyone needs to be loved! Bow wow yippy yo yippy a. No fuawking way!”
    Back to the other night when Anna runs up to my brothers truck in fear of her life. My Brother asked, “What happened?” She tells him a story which will make any living human become angry. Anna said, “I knocked on Mike neighbors doors in the building and no one would let me use the phone. So I walked across the street and knocked on the neighbor’s door. I felt safe because my boyfriend is a boxer. I asked the young man if I could use his phone to make a call. I also asked if I could stay for a couple minutes until my boyfriend came home! I told him I forgot my purse at my friends and left my keys inside it. ” Checo said, “It will be fine. Its ok. I need to jump in the shower. Do you mind?” Anna said, “No its your house. I’ll wait here by the window. I’m sure Mike will be home soon.” The checo take a couple minute in the shower. Anna becomes scared when the checo walks out of the bathroom in his towel and sits next to Anna on the couch / bed. She nervously freeze in place. Meaning, When she becomes scared, she can’t move! I understand because when I was raped as a child. I couldn’t move. The Checo starts poking her on her breasts and pussy. Anna is so scared and fears for her life! The checo attempt to pick her up and she fights back. She tries to get away! The Checo grabs the back of her jacket! Holding her in place! Anna wiggles out of the sleeve and he grabs her shorts. Anna nervously freezes. The checo attempts to pull down her shorts. She screams, “Get Off Me! My boyfriend will kick your ass!” Bolting for the door. He yells, “NO!” Anna swing open the door! The Checo grabs the door trying to force the door shut. Trying to keep her captive. Anna forces herself out the door! She run up to the first vehicle she sees. Yelling, “HELP!” Thank God the truck was my brother! Imagine if she didn’t make it out. Imagine if the truck wasn’t my brother! Imagine! My brother begins to knock on the rapists door yelling, “YOU WANT TO RAPE A LITTLE GIRL!” Bang! Bang! Bang! “Open the fuawk up!” The coward Checo hides like the coward he is. He almost raped my girl and I have no fuawking idea! Ring! Ring! Ring! Anna calls me and tells me what had conspired. I gasp for air and can’t catch my own breath. She tells me she’s safe in my brothers house. “Anna. Don’t call the cops until I get there. I’ll bring you home and we will call the cops together! I love you! Tell Rob thank you!” After the call, a young mail officer and a very attractive police women walk up to my front door and I let them in my home. The female officers asked me a questioned. My cell phone starts ringing. I tell her, “Excuse me. Its my boss. I need to get this!” The very attractive police women said, “Work first. I understand.” My boss said, “Mike the alarm company called and said you didn’t set the alarm!” I could tell he was a little agitated and not too pleased! I already remember the alarm didn’t sound. I wasn’t paying too much attention to my nightly duties. I thought I did everything right in closing the bar. If I did everything right, the boss wouldn’t be calling. I answer, “Its my fault sir!” I didn’t want him to know what I was going through. He doesn’t need to know about my girls business. Its rude to air out one dirty laundry.
    I can tell Anna is nervous because she is smiling. The officer looks at me and I said, “She smiles when she’s wicked nervous. ” The officer nods her head. Anna and the hot female officer walk outside. Leaving me with alone with the young male officer. The male officer said, “Wow you did this this?” He’s eye’s are captured by all the art hanging on my walls. “Yes. Each piece is a snapshot of my past.
    The painting are memories of my life. ”He said, “You’re really good, I used to do art. Nothing like yours. We talk for a bit until Anna walks back in the front door. The officer not saying a word walks outside. I wait a couple minutes and fallow. Now the 2 officer are across the street and they are banging on the neighbors door. Bang! Bang! Bang! Let me tell you about the neighborhood first. It’s a historically protected area of South Florida.
    (Sailboat Bend, a small neighborhood located immediately southwest of the downtown business district, is the birthplace of Fort Lauderdale. Traces of Tequesta Indian settlements in the area date back to 1450 BC. On the trail of later-day Seminole Indians in 1838, U.S. Army Major William Lauderdale and a handful of Tennessee Volunteers pitched camp at the forks of New River, in what is now called Sailboat Bend, and built the first military Fort Lauderdale.
    Modern development began in the late 1800s with the arrival of Henry Flagler’s Iron Horse. As commerce grew by both water and rail, Sailboat Bend in the early 1900s became a working class neighborhood where trades people — carpenters and masons and blacksmiths — built their own homes without benefit of architects or building codes. These “cracker” or “vernacular” houses utilized native materials such as Dade County pine, and many of them still exist in defiance of termites, hurricanes and bulldozers. Some display superior detail, imagination and workmanship, which were commonplace 50 years ago but are rare today. Many of these old houses have been restored or renovated as comfortable modern residences, and they form the basis for the neighborhood’s distinctive charm as well as its historic significance.)
    My House or old 2 story building has been built in the 1920’s with 9 foot high ceiling and old creaking wood floors. The old building houses 6 tenants and stands 2 stories high. The outside is the original clap board. Painted in a old style yellow with white trim. The neighbor hood reminds me of old Key West Florida. Except for the cement 1 story section 8 apartment across the street. The home of the young man who tried to rape my girl. The same place Metro would be hanging out and around! The cops are banging on the completely run down cement apartment. The place looks like the hood buildings. The ones I know so well when I was living in Boston. The days when I carried a side arm in the front of my jeans. Thank God I’m not the same person I grew up to be. I so want to be my old self! I so want to do things the old school way. I so want to shut everyone the fuck up. The day after I was beaten with the night stick, my family comes over. Bang bang bang. “Who is it?!” Bang! Bang! I yell, “Who is it!” I hear someone say in a deep voice, “Its the cops!” I start to smile and open up the door to my smiling big brother. My brother walks past me. Bumping me in my shoulder. Fallowed by my nephew Tommy who also bumps past me to. Its my family and a warmth grows inside my heart. Feeling the love we have for each other. No one knows each other like my brother and I know each other. We play a game with people we don’t know. For instant, say i’m talking to someone who knows my brother and I. This is a game of trust thy neighbor. I talk shit about my brother to a new person around our lives and wait for their reply. This way of talking with people, we learned in the streets. The funny thing, they will feel safe to talk shit with you and tell you what you needed to hear. I smile to the shit talker Metro on the inside, but nod with a serious face on the outside. Metro yells at me saying, “Your brother thinks your a joke!” A big smile grows on my face. Blood is thicker than water. Even better. Boston blood is thick throughout the state. My brother asked me, “what’s happening?” I reply. “Blah blah this and blah blah that.” Anna is sitting on the couch laughing because how we tell our stories. Using our hand and mimicking the voices of our neighbors. All of us are laughing and having a good time. Then my brother said in a serious face, “You want to take care of this the old way. Metro crossed the line! Beating you with the batton.” I look at him and my smile stops, “Yes I do. If we take care of him. It will shut everyone up. The fuawker couldn’t keep the fight fare. He could have killed me.” My brother asked, “Why didnt you beat his ass!” I said, “Rob, If I hit him or knocked his ass out. Who’s going to jail. Look at it like this. Crazy neighbor and all his friends were talking to the cops. I look like the aggressor. I’m a pro boxer. I can hear him telling the cops that he’s scared for my life. That I’m a crazy pro boxer. You now how the bitch Sandy is always getting in everyone’s business!” My brother starts laughing, “Yah if she’s involved your fuawked! The old hag talked so much shit about you.” I said, “I remember. She wanted to be with you and you even told me she sucked you off! Bitch is crazy! On the other note, yah! This will shut my business partners up and everyone who is talking shit! I just want to scare him. An old fashion good matha fuawking beating!” My brother said, “Ok. I’ll make some calls!” Anna has her nervous smile. Knowing all too well what we are talking about. My nephew nods and said, “Old school.” I’m thinking, “Its done.” That night my girlfriend and I are standing outside of our building and we are chatting with our neighbors. Metrogel Jamie pulls up in his car. He walks right up to us. He could have used the other entrance that is less than 10 yards away. After the beating I should have went to the hospital. My tougher demeanor tells me no. Anna said, “Meeco, you don’t look so good.” I tell her, “My head hurts bad.” Moments later I start throwing up! Now I know I have a medical problem. Thinking I have a concussion. I cant move my hand or my arm. Feeling serious pain. My eye is completely black and swollen. My head is swollen and hurts bad. I can’t move without moning. “Babe! We need to go to the hospital!” I barely make it to my brothers house with Anna on the back of my motorcycle. My brother and nephew are living with Mr. Magoo. Magoo is a long time friend. He lets us use his S.U.V.. Anna helps me to the passenger side of the S.U.V.. My head hurts and I’m scared. Thoughts take me to an old injury when I was in the hospital in Boston and almost died from a head injury. One I received from a street fight. Now I’m 42 years old and the doctor sends me for a Cat Scan. I’m a little nervous because of the injury I had when I was young. After the Cat Scan, I receive a number of X-Rays for my hand and arm. A couple hours later the doctor comes up to me with a little smirk. The doctor is handsome with somewhat long curly hair. I would say the Doc was in his late 40’s or early 50’s. He said, “Mike you have several fractures. You have a couple in your nose. But there old.” The doctor’s smile grows, “You have a fracture in your upper jaw.” He chuckles the words, “Thats old to. Your wrist has a fracture and your elbow. But there old to.” Anna and I are sitting on the hospital bed. The Doc said, “You definitely have a concussion. But I think you’re use to them!” I nod my head and smile, “Thank you Doc. I was just worried if there was any blood on the brain. ” He said, “You are ok. I’ll write you a script for pain.” I said, “No pain medication because I’m a recovering drug addict.” The Doc said, “I know you’re in a lot of pain so I’ll write you a script for 600mg of ibuprofen.” I said, “When can I box again?” He said, “I suggest you to take a couple months off.” Anna and I finally make it home and walk outside for some fresh air. My head felt like exploding. The 2 neighbors I like are outside. I knew the female neighbor for years and have nothing bad to say about her. Her boyfriend seems nice and we always have a good conversation. Metro pushes past me and pulls out the metal jack. I can smell the liquor. I can tell Metro had a few to many! The neighbors I like look scared and my girl friend freezes. Metrogel yells with the night stick pointed in my face. I’m looking at his bloodshot eyes. He yells, “I’ll fucking beat you if you come closer!” I said, “Beat me! You want to threaten me! Go for it!” I step a little closer. Flamin Metro extends his right arm straight and points the jack stick close to my eye! I yell! “Go for it! You’re the bitch with the weapon!” His girl friend jumps in between us and pulls Metro up to the top of the stairs. Metro yells out, “Pussy!” I yell! “Every time you go out of town. Your boyfriend is fucking some whore behind your back! OOOOHHH I have hepatitis and I’m gay! What else do you want to say! If gay means weak, You are the epitome of the word!” James slams his door shut! Ending the night. Anna and I make love for hours. I know Metro and Valley Girl can hear Anna’s moans of our love.
    The day of my beating a fleet of police cruisers pull all around us. The cops tell me, “This can happen 2 ways. One is you both jail. Or we file a report and you guys can use the legal system.” I agree with the officers. One of the officers and I get into a good conversation about boxing! The small mob of haters are standing with the other officers. Metro, Crazy, and the cartoon friends are saying whatever they can to get rid of me! “This faggott is not staying down! This faggott is going to stand up for his rights!”
    I have recently finished writing over 100,000 word autobiography about my life. A story of one mans strive to have a good life. The way I’ve burned and turned my words into a dreams! The story of lost loves and hugs, covered in a ditch of mud. Living a life only fools can hate. I became the live bait for the sinic. I became the fools class clown. I am the man on the whipping post. You can call me cracker. I now know the meaning of the word. Discrimination!
    “I am the Marilyn Manson of fags. I am the fag who’s balls do not sag and drag of weakness. I can live in my skin! I know where I’ve been and I’m still alive! This faggot holds his rainbow flag high! Dont hate me because I’m beautiful! Dont hate me because I love myself!”
    The coolest dive bar in town is the funnest bar I’ve ever worked at. The richest and poorest people hang out there. Its a place you don’t have think pretentious or fake. Bikers, Metros, grunge, gays, lesbians or who ever wants to hide away and feel safe. Its the dive bar of dive bars. The owner is a tough older man who has a beautiful wife. I respect this man. He runs a tight ship. The man knows his business. The bar holds 50 people. Playing straight porn on the flat screen TV’s. The barmaids wear skimpy outfits. The girls have to be street smart to work there and they are! The girls have a trampoline just to make things funner. The girl would tell the bar patrons that I can do a double backflips on the trampoline. The bar patron would say. “No F’in way!” I would jump on the trampoline and bounce a couple time. Ending up throwing both my hands behind me and sticking up my middle fingers. Hence double back flip! People in the bar would laugh and say, “Yep thats a double back flip.” I would never attempt doing it without betting some at least a fin. That’s 5 dollars for you dumb asses who are not street people. I would always give my winnings to the bar maid! Now my girl Anna is working here. She is the hottest girl this bar has ever seen! Early that day Anna calls me an said, “MeeCo! Its here! The Ibogaine is here!” I said, “Baby thats the best news I’ve heard all day. Put It somewhere safe.” She said, “I’m scared.” I know why she is scared because she’s been drug addict for a long time and has tried 1 million time to quit like I have. “Babe its a cure. Soon your fight for addiction will be over! I’ll see you soon!” Anna said, “Mr Magoo is almost here. He’s taking me to get my eyelashes and nails done. I asked him if he ever had a peddy? Mr Magoo smiles and said in a cute way, No.” Then Anna said, “I was talking to my Ex-boyfriend and he said. The reason why you are giving me ibogaine is to brainwash me!” I said, “Its the best brainwash I ever had!” The first time I took Ibogaine, was taking a gut punch to my drug addiction. 6 months I didn’t touch anything after and started to drink and sniffed a couple lines. The drug wasn’t the same. I became violently sick after I sniffed a line of cocaine. I realized I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me! I decided to order Ibogaine again. My last experience I became fearless. The drugs that so feared me from living life. I don’t fear anymore. After ibogaine. I live my life everyday not being afraid. Before Ibogaine I feared there is no hope. I thought I could never be cured from drug addiction. Before Ibogaine, nothing worked to free me from addiction! Jail could not keep me clean. Rehab couldn’t keep me clean. Therapy couldn’t keep me clean. AA and NA couldnt keep me clean. Until a miracle and a true friend, Avi bumped into me and handed me Ibogaine! Fact! Only 2 million people worldwide are attending NA and AA. There is over 7 billion people living on our planet that is traveling through space at 500,000 miles an hour. Only 5% of the sobriety group stay sober after being clean for one year. We have 313 million people in the USA. AA and NA is a group of bible thumpers. Praying a catholic prayer I knew since a kid. The group preaches to you to find a god of your understanding. Only to preach a god that programs you to his controlling understanding. Meetings don’t help. After a AA group meeting, I feel like drinking. Drugs and alcohol affect everyone’s life. The other night I had to buy Anna drugs to keep her sane! I have been dealing with her addiction for weeks. We knew the ibogaine was coming. “Tonight it ends!”
    The guys I work with ask, “Why didn’t they arrest the guy who tried to rape your girl.” I said, “I saw the female officer yelling in his face. I was standing across the street. The officer demanded to know what happened. The rapist of course lied to her. She pick up Anna’s flip flops and jacket. The officer walks across the street and hands me Anna’s belongings. The officer said, “Our job is hard because we have to listen to both sides. She shouldn’t wear clothes like she does because she is beautiful and there are creeps like him around.” I nod my head and said, “I understand.” Then I said, “But it doesn’t give him a right to touch a woman!” She looks at me and said, “You’re right!” A small smirk grows on her face as she stands soaked from the sprinkler. “You need to fix your sprinkler.” I smile and said, “I saw. I’m thinking dam. That must have put you in a good mood. I just adjusted it. The sprinklers were just put in today. Sorry.” She softly laughs and said, “Goodnight. Go by the station in a couple days. I’ll have your report ready for you! Wait a couple days please because I have a lot of files to write.”
    Todays is the day I stand up and say! “Enoughs, enough! I’m done with your bigotry bullshit. Confronting me your bigotry, saying, “Fags can’t be boxers. How can you date a girl? You in denial!” I tired of people like you who thinks the law doesn’t exist. I dont care about words. Because words are words. But when a weapon is involved. It becomes attempt of murder! I stand up to a tirent and I look like the aggressor. His pride is broken, no pun intended. Why? Because I was a gay porn star slash boxer with a fine ass bitch. lol… Fuawk you for using a weapon. Fuawk you for trying to beat the gay out of me. Metro boy! I have to tell you something! You look more gay than I do! Fuwak you, because you pissed off the toughest fag! Fuawk you bigotry. This fag, I mean Mike James Fox / Brenn Wyson doesn’t sit down on it! I’ll just give it to you! Face up baby!
    Bigotry is a small part of this story. The main story is the road to take a cure for addiction. Anna did ibogaine last night. I have taken Ibogaine 3 times. Tested and studied its effects. Ibogaine has become the catalyst of the self I am today. I believe it be the cure for addiction. I purposely placed myself in sticky situations. I wanted to see if I could walk away. If Ibogaine was for real. Being a former everything addic. A former cocaine, Meth, Heroin, Alcohol and whatever pill I can take to chain me or pain me in my addiction hell! After joining the fight to cure addiction. I have personally been part of a number of cures. I’ve see Ibogaine change countless lives. Ibogaine is helping people to eradicate addiction. Harvard University and Miami University studied Ibogaine. Amongst the 90 or so research studies around the world. People need to be medically trained and studied Ibogaine. Because the majority of you will not understand what is happening when someone is taking the medicine, Ibogaine. You will not understand it and you can make mistakes. Ibogaine is not addictive. Trust me when I say you will not want to take it again. Ibogaine is a cure. Yet it is illegal in the United States. Its a felony to have possession of the substance. Yet, we are able to get a free hall pass with pharmaceutical drugs. All you have to do is pay a legal drug dealer and get a doctors signature for a drug that will addict you to its hell! For the rest of your life! So why is Ibogaine illegal? You may want to blame the conspiracy wacks or you can start a campaign and win the American people over. Help open up Ibogaine centers inside the United states. The more people find out about Ibogaine. Will give Ibogaine a greater chance to save your family members. Who are killing themselves through their drug use. Ibogaine is giving hope to people, when all is lost. There is a chance to save a life. You get to have your family member back. Your loved ones. I witnessed my 48th person become free from addiction or on the path to become completely cured. Years of drug abuse only takes 1 to 3 times to cure you from addiction. “FUAWK! SIGN ME UP!”
    You can contact me at Do the good fight and stand up for your rights! I can see why we have a problem. Drugs baby, Drugs!
    This is my last inquiry.
    Dwayne is a very good friend and I’ve been boxing with for years. We have spared many times and I’ve seen him develop into a great boxer. Can he beat me? Not many can. I fought with world champions and beat some of the greatest fighters in there own gym. People say I’m the toughest fighter they have ever fought. I hit like a truck and pressure my opponent. Never giving them rest. Anna said, “You make fighting look easy.” Then Anna said when Metro was hitting me with his weapon. She cringes to the violent hits I was talking. Anna was definitely scared. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing! Anna can’t believe I’m still up from his constant attack. She’s sees me rip the weapon from Jamie Cunningham’s hand and sees me toss the weapon away. Then she’s sees me take his punch to my head. Anna sees me stunned. Then she sees me get my composer. Metro throws another right cross. I slip to my left and counter his throw with my left hook. Hitting his jaw! My girl now knows the fight is fare. She knows I got this. Anna seen me fight. A smile grows on her face.
    Dwayne and I were boxing outside my building. I have recently moved into the neighborhood. Metro walks up to us, “I’m a boxer!” Dwayne looks at me and said, “Fox be easy.” I said, “You want to box?” Metro putts on the gloves. Ding, ding, ding. The sound comes from my cell phone. My phone has a boxing app, its kick ass. Metro charges at me, Throwing and swinging his fist at me as if he’s the camp of the world. I began to smile because I know now he is an inexperienced fighter. Metro is hitting me with all he has! Bam! Bam! A chuckle come from me as I rock back and forth. Slipping all his punches. I’m holding my defensive position. Moving all around him like a fly on shit. Making Metro miss all his punches. I don’t know what punch to throw. Every part of his body is wide open. I start smiling! He sucks. I chuckle and said, ” I thought you knew how to box!” Dwayne said to Metro, “Don’t listen to him. He’s trying to piss you off. To gas you out of you energy. Thats Fox’s game!” I smile as Metro throws a straight right cross to my head. My hands are up and I take his right cross to my left hand that is protecting my jaw. I counter and slip my body to the right and roll under his punch. Moving my body to the left. I know I have him. I see my shot. Spinning my body to the my right. Extending my left arm. Striking Metro Cunningham with a left hook to the jaw. CRACK! Metro stops in his tracks! Dwayne said. In a somewhat loud and firm voice, “Thats It! No more Fox!” Metro stand dazed for a second. I know he’s stunned. Dwayne said, “Fox stop picking on kids!” He’s laughing and I said, “I didn’t even hit him hard! I held back!” I tell Metro, “You have an awesome right cross.” Knowing all too well he sucks. Months later Metro trying to get me off my game. “Not happening! I do have to say this! Any time! Any place! You can pick any gym! Boxing! MMA! Full out fight! If you think you have it bring it! The gym is a legal way to fight!!!”
    I know I’m a bad ass. I know I’m tough. I have know fear. All that said. If I am so violent! If I am as crazy as they make me look. Dont you think I would have went after the young man who tried to rape my girlfriend. I am thankful for what lessons I’ve learned in life. Jail help me see who I am and what I’ve been doing wrong. Jail kept me sober long enough to research my life which inturned help me discover Ibogaine. is where you can abtaine the cure. You can email Michelle in the Netherlands. She is a great part in exposing Ibogaine to the world. Michelle will inform you about my quest to free America from addiction!
    July 22, 2014. I called the cops. The next morning I saw the cops out side and was listening, “Mike is a scary boxer!” Accusing me of threatening to hurt them. I even hear Metro snicker, “He’s a gay porn star.” They accuser’s said, “He’s lying about the man trying to rape my girlfriend.” Yes Anna wears short shorts and skimpy outfits. Doesn’t make her a slut. In Fact. Anna has been in 4 long term relationships. Her last relationship lasted 5 years. The girl is faithful. Her family is smart and hard working. Her family owned companies in South Florida. Anna is very smart and extremely good looking. Our friendship and bound had led us to an understanding we share in our drug addiction. Anna has been through as much pain as I’ve been through. Her boyfriend Overdosed and died on her chest while sleeping! For all that she’s been through with drugs and loss is all but amazing that she’s not dead. The smirk that comes from Anna’s mouth. Tell me she has been humbled. Anna has the most beautiful soul I have even had the pleasure to be around. To come as far as she has in dealing with her drug addiction doesn’t give a right for men to sexually abuse a woman. I commend her for the effort in changing to become a true United State’s citizen. Today on August 7th Sandy Louise Rosar and Metro Cunningham filed a junction for a protective order and for other bullshit horrendous allegations. I sat in court listening to them tell nothing but lies. First of all. When I stepped off the elevator. I noticed Metro grilling me with his eyes. I told the officer in charge, “That is Metro Cunningham sitting over there. Can you ask him to stop looking at me in a threatening manner?” The officer yells at him. I sit down with a smile. Then we are called into the judges chambers. For a while I sit down and listen to all the bullshit. After the night Anna was almost rapped. I called Sandy the crazy neighbor and left a not so nice massage with choice words. I did not threaten. Nor did I say any words threatening. Sandy plays the voice recording to the judge. They judge said, “Thats a lot of profanity and not the best of choices of words.” The judge said, “It sounds like you are threatening her.” I said, “Is it a crime to say profanity? Is it a crime to say what you feel? You heard what I said. I did not threaten her at all.” The judge replied, “I think you sound threatening. Do you think you’re threatening?” This judge must believe I was born yesterday. Because If I say, “Yes!” The Judge is going to find me guilty. I answer, “No it not treating.” The judge looks at me and tilts his head. Then he said, “You sound rough. You don’t think you are threatening?” I look at the judge a little confused, “What do you mean? The way I express myself is illegal? Its not against the law to talk loud or talk with profanity.” Meaning you can legally be an asshole. You can be a douchebag all you want and tell someone what you really think about them. You can talk loud, you can curse! You can say the nastiest shit and not think twice about what you said. Why? Because the law protects you. What you can’t do is touch there body or threaten bodily harm! Remember always talk to cops, calm and collective. Dont say anything stupid that cops can use against you! My family has been apart of the wrong side of the law as long as I can remember. As much time I have spent in a courtroom. Since my childhood. I could be a lawyer myself. When a cop speaks. I know to shut the F up! Speak when spoken to and never interrupt an officer. The Officer will try to scare or trick you into saying a word that can incriminate and be used against you. Cops are smart and quick witted. The most important rule. The cops are the LAW! The cops main purpose is to protect you! Even if its from yourself. The law is very necessary and needed. Remember all the law that cops inforce are the one you voted in. Help me undo a law that makes Ibogaine illegal. Sign a petition and legalize the use of ibogaine. I need the American people to hear my voice. I’m am discriminated against because I’m bisexual. I’ve been convicted of the worst crime ever. If you call dating crazy bitches and getting a misdemeanor. Than I’m guilty. I like who I am and what kind of man I’ve become! My past has turned me into the humble man I am today. I dont take shit or kiss ass. “Get out of my face! I dont like you!” You will be sure to get an ear full! If you are not anything but nice! I live by a code and I’ll die by the code! The judge smiles and said. Though I never raise my voice. Nor do I speak to him in any way shape or form. Disrespectful. He said to Metro and Crazy, “He’s probably not the best neighbor and he’s been aggressive to me.” I’m thinking the judge is calling me an asshole in a legal manner. I continued to ask, “Is the way I speak in a loud voice, illegal?” The judge knows I’m no fool and dismisses the case with Metro and Crazy neighbor! “I won! I stood up for myself and won! Awesome!” Now I can get the police report on the attempt of rape case. Anna’s rapist is going to be locked up. Justice will be served.
    After winning my court date with Metro and crazy. I deside to go to the Fort Lauderdale police station and retrieve the police report on Anna’s Attempt of rape case. Its time to press charges. Anna is adamant in putting this creep in jail! Anna is on vacation in New York. She will be gone for 2 weeks to a month. I already miss her. Last night my brother and his girl. My nephew and I go downtown. Having a Fox family fun hangout night. How a werewolf changes to moonlight. After the sunsets and the darkness arises. The happy daylight Fox turns into the funniest night time Mass-hole. Imagine 3 people who act alike. Look alike! We stand strong together in our family of trash talking. My brothers girlfriend asks me, “Where is the bathroom?” I said, as my brother and I are always hitting on each others girlfriends, “Do you need help? I’ll wipe.” She looks at me and said with a big smile, “You’re just like your brother.” She smiles and walks away. I like being a Fox. We are a proud family. We have be to the top and we have been to the bottom and everyplace in between. A Fox wants to explore. A Fox always wants to know more! “Goodnight guys. I love you!” My brother looks at me and said with a smile, “Whens your girl flying back? I’ll pick her up.” I’m thinking, there is no fuawking way you can be alone with her, lol… I smile and walk into my apartment. Noticing on the floor my old black boots. The night we were hanging I notice my brothers boots were falling apart. I grab the shoe polish and shine the boots. Making them look new. Thinking about my brother as I’m polishing the boots. I’m glad we are talking. No one knows me more than my brother Rob. When we were fighting and when I say fighting. I mean blood red. He is nothing but amazing and has proved himself to me many times. Not many men have accomplished what he has done in his life. His battle with addiction became a hateful time for us both. Our other brother Danny has a slight disability. Danny is as tough as his brothers but not nearly as strong. My oldest brother Tommy had past away in 1990. Years have past and our oldest brother has fallen. I remember my brother Rob and my mothers face. Every blast the guns blared in Tommy’s seven gun military salute. Laying our beloved Tommy to rest. My understanding of the man, my brother Rob has a deep grasp. Blood Red Raw Love! With the polished boots in hand. I jump on my motorcycle and speed off to my brothers house. Its 4am. My brother answers, “What? Im trying to sleep.” I said, “Here. Try them on and see if they fit.” My brother is an excellent carpenter and you can see it in his workmanship. His work is always done to perfection. Sometimes to perfect. My nephew and I start laughing. Making fun of Rob. My big brother! He is the man. He’s cool as shit and will always make you laugh. For all the hell we been through. We stick together. Rob said with a small little smirk coming from the side of his mouth. Still acting like a tough guy, “They fit.” I said, “I didn’t hear you. What did you say?” Knowing all too well what he said in his little boy, happy voice. Rob looks at me and nods his head. Not saying a word. “Shut up fuawk face, I like the boots.” I nod back and smile. I look at his sweet hot ass girlfriend and said, “Want to jump on my bike? I drive fast.” She looks at me and said with a smile, “I don’t think you brother will like that.” Rob doesn’t say a word and smiles. I jump on My Motorcycle and speed of into the night. My whole ride home is lost in my thoughts of Anna. She is the first girl I didn’t have to hide who I am as a person. She embraces my heart and it shows. She is the first girl who is not trying to conform me to live the basic American Dream. Living a pretentious American lifestyle. Anna is the shin dig! Damd! That my girl! Anna is a writer just as I am. Her mother had a piece of her work published in Venezuela. She knows my heart in ways my brother will never get to know. But my brother knows my heart in ways she will never see or never get to know. Unless I use. Meaning DRUGS! She will never see me running to the edge of the world. Waiting for the fire to spread. She will never see me run, run away. She will never see me self destruct. When I look deep into her eyes, I can see a world so vast. Anna is my dream. A dream I thought I would never catch up to as fast as I run.
    This brings us to the ending. My story in bringing the cure of addiction to the human race. Bringing families together. Saving the losted and pained. Being a major drug addict myself. Taking Ibogaine 3 times. Becoming the human test to prove Ibogaine is a cure. Seeing countless lives cured. Please sign my ballot to legalize Ibogaine in curing the human race from drug addiction. Donate money to my cause. Join my campaign. For a donation over 20 dollars will will get a T-shirt of my tattoo on my left sleeve. The tattoo piece is a drawing I made many years back. My goal is raise $100,000 dollars in opening a testing facility in the United States. Ibogaine is FDA approved. All the FDA is waiting for is government testing to prove Ibogaine works and how safe it is. Email me at Go to Kick starter and donate to my cause.
    Last Buy my book, “Blood Red Raw Love!”
    Thank You for your time,
    Michael James Fox.
    The police report on Anna’s attempt of rape will be attached.
    The name of this piece is, Blood Red Raw Love. This is my right sleeve tattoo.

  13. Brenn, thanks so much for the narrative. But can you just pull your pants down and bend over, buddy?

  14. Brenn Wyson autobiography about the porn industry.
    My unedited version is free to inform.
    ‘American Whore’ My whole book, Don’t correct it. My editor is doing a fine job with it. You can read my unedited version before the edited version is released. The ending will help many lost people. Here you go!
    I wrote this horrific nonfiction story in jail, to its blessed end. The ending is what its all about. My journey, how I found Ibogaine a cure for addiction. Yet illegal inside the USA. Now I help people illegally to obtain it in the US of Fucking A.
    This is the film teaser for my book. Below the teaser is the whole story to my book.…/…
    Im sending my unedited version of the book. My editor has the final cut. My true story of drugs, sex and murder and how I was very famous.
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  15. Good for you MJ! Glad you triumphed
    You are the same age as me and I always thought/still think that you are awesome! Live long and strong dude!

  16. It is no wonder this guy did porn. He has got adrenaline and hormones shooting out of his pores. He sweats it. I love him. One of my very favorites. Don’t care about his arrest. We all make mistakes. He is freaking delicious and passionate about life.

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