With & without body hair for Justin Gennaro

This week, his solo as Justin Gennaro was released by Randy Blue.

Justin_gennaro_randyblue_01 Justin_gennaro_randyblue_02

Last March 2012, his solo and serviced video were released by Chaos Men. This shoot is much older since there is one tattoo missing on his upper left shoulder.

Gennaro_chaosmen_01 Gennaro_chaosmen_02

I usually love guys with facial and body hair. But for me, Gennaro is hotter without facial hair.

Justin_gennaro_chaosmen_randyblue_01 Justin_gennaro_chaosmen_randyblue_02
Justin_gennaro_chaosmen_randyblue_04 Justin_gennaro_chaosmen_randyblue_03