Ace Sinclair is all grown up

THEN Ace Sinclair was one of my favorites at College Dudes. He started at On The Hunt where he had a scene with Noah Driver. Then, he worked for College Dudes, where he had a solo and two action scenes. Then, I saw scenes of him paired two huge cocks in gay porn Devin Moss and Barrett Long. The last scene I've seen of him was an orgy at Boyz Party. He worked in gay porn from 2008 to 2009 according to IAFD.

Ace_sinclair_03 Ace_sinclair_04 
Ace_sinclair_05 Ace_sinclair_06 
Ace_sinclair_barrett_long_01 Ace_sinclair_barrett_long_02 

NOW Andrew Christian just shared a picture on Facebook that included Ace using the name Chris.


I do hope he does gay porn again.

7 thoughts on “Ace Sinclair is all grown up

  1. I remember that Ace Sinclair and Barrett Long scene. Does anyone know what happened to Long? At one time, he was all over the place and then poof! he was gone.

  2. I don’t remember him being a giant… I guess I shouldn’t have just zeroed in on his junk.

  3. Hope he does another scene. Anyone remember how he made Brent Corrigan moan like a good bottom boy? Made me feel jealous. Cockyboys or RandyBlue should open their wallets for Sinclair.

  4. All grown up indeed! Wow, I was always a big fan of the tall, lanky Ace but he looks even hotter now!
    Loved how he was so masculine and bottomed and topped!

  5. Yeah, I’m also curious about Long. I figured he was one of those that really couldn’t do anything BUT porn so would find something to do no matter what.

  6. gee, but for me the hottest guy is the one on the left in the photo, he’s matthew mccall and 200% HOT porn material, why doesn nobody sign him up, c’mon with looks ad an ass like that? Are they blind or what??????

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