Adult industry mourns the death of Erik Rhodes

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Thanks to Andrew for sharing the link on Erik's obituary.

32 thoughts on “Adult industry mourns the death of Erik Rhodes

  1. It is sad to hear of anyones death especially one only 30 years old. However what is more tragic is he was a horriblly damaged person who could never get the help that could have saved his life. I hope that now he has found the peace that so cruelly eluded him in this life.

  2. just the perfect place to see all of Erik Rhodes.
    i am disappointed with ‘The Sword’ with their editor Zach post so much about Erik, let sudden he is a fan. he bad mouthed him for years and how this. don’t fake caring Zach Sire your a waste.
    falcon has lost family respect it and remember the person

  3. Totally unexpected and shocking news especially since Erik just released some scenes with Falcon Studios.

  4. I was thinking today that being gay is akin to having a bad habit – it just seems to kill.

  5. So sad the bitch is dead, may he rot in hell where he belongs. The fucking steroid drug addict pretty much killed himself. Not sad at all, but definitely hilarious. What a filthy self centered, lunatic, steroid freak, meth addict and a douche bag. Hooray the dog face bitch is dead.

  6. Any death is sad no matter how, but the reason why is obvious. There seems to be much discussion onto the reporting of the death. The time of death and then who within two hours tweets the death. Was 911 called? We probably will never know exactly what happened and its probably just as well.
    Another issue with so many “so called” friends saying they are “devastated”. Really? They didn’t even know him AT ALL. Then for a director named Chi Chi LaRue to say that she is having tweeter silence in the name of Erik Rhodes. Really? The bitch was back on within 7 hours of this declaration of bullshit.
    If you can’t count on a out of work director like Chi Chi LaRue then who can you count on?

  7. Wow, just shocking. Thirty years extremely young, especially for a heart attack – just goes to show, you never know when your time is up.
    Reminds me of a old poem my Mom had on our dining room wall:
    The clock of life is wound but once,
    And no man has the power
    To tell just when the hands will stop
    At late or early hour.
    To lose one’s wealth is sad indeed,
    To lose one’s health is more,
    To lose one’s soul is such a loss
    That no man can restore.
    The present only is our own,
    So Live, Love, toil with a will
    Place no faith in “Tomorrow”
    For the clock may then be still.

  8. This is by far the best thing I’ve read on Eric’s death. Why? Because MOP doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. Every link said exactly the same thing. Sad. Tragic. Steroids. Falcon. 40 movies. Too soon.
    Lazy writing by people as bored with the coverage as the fans probably are of reading it.
    Couldn’t anyone think to write a single thing about what made Eric the phenomenon he was?

  9. Brad do you feel better attacking a man who can no longer defend himself? What exactly is your problem with him that you rejoice in the death of a fellow human being?

  10. When Erik Rhodes burst on the scene in those first Jocks films (Super Soaked, Driver, Flex), he was typical of the type that was entering the business at the time: a hot muscle guy with a HUGE uncut cock. The entree for him was that he was good looking, fit, AND LOVED to get fucked (the industry always needs bottoms, right?). And with Falcon, Erik took the studio to new heights right around the time that it’s reputation and production quality was still good but starting to wane. And if you ask me: he rocked that shit! I know this because HIS films were the ONLY ones I bought from Falcon – Cross Country, Velvet Mafia, AfterParty, Heaven and Hell. And he quietly SET the bar over at Falcon – First to deflower Jason Adonis, singlehandedly reinvented the notion of bigger bottom-smaller top (see: Brent Corrigan fucking him in Velvet Mafia), rocked the ‘pass around bottom’ concept (Cross Country), one of the first to eagerly take mouth shots (Fleet Week and AfterParty) and practically resold the industry on the idea of a hot bottom being DP’d.
    …AND then he got fisted and showed off his rosebud (something he was adamant about NEVER sharing with the public)!
    Everyone knew this cat could make BANK at other studios and yet he remained loyal to Falcon even when it’s quality and ownership changed hands. THAT and his no holds barred performances are what he should be remembered for in this industry!
    What he will mainly be remembered for is living out loud. And while I champion the ideal of ‘living out loud’ – that is to say, being open, candid, honest to yourself and to everyone else about yourself and your life (and I’m not just saying via Social Networks) – I don’t condone drug or steroid use/substance abuse (it’s a choice…I just don’t think I could do it, but to each their own) but what was fascinating about James was his penchant for putting it all out there in stream of consciousness, straight from the cortex and seemingly unfiltered. His blogs, comments, posts, interviews sparked of a troubled, violently hurting individual who by all accounts was fighting not just the demon of addiction to sex and porn and drugs, but the inner personal demons that literally can turn some into non-functioning (and committed to an institution) individuals. As a gay porn conneiseur and someone who didn’t know him, it was a fascinating and excrutiating emotional rollercoaster ride to watch and thanks to the internet – become a part of. And we ALL tried to reach out…and whether we got smacked down or commended by the man himself…the loyal fans, myself included, ALWAYS kept coming back for more of the Erik Rhodes/James experience in a wrapt reality-show like fascination of “What will he say or do next”, all the while either fearing for his safety or waiting for something catastrophic to happen to him. And sadly, that event is his untimely passing at the age of 30.
    Whether you ‘watched’ out of fascination, fear, compassion or even yes (judging by the horrible, snide comments on this blog) hate, prejudice, comic relief, or just to maliciously point the finger and say “THIS is the problem with porn and society and why he and it should just be wiped clear”, one thing was painfully OBVIOUS – James put it all out there and documented his admirable and yes: noble battle with himself and to ultimately seek the truths we are all looking for – “What does all this mean?”, “Will I ever be happy?”, “Why do I do the things that I do when they end up hurting me and hurting others?”, “WHAT and WHO am I meant to be?”. THAT…the struggle with the human condition and the fervor to seek the truth…is also WHY Erik/James will be completely missed! My heart and thoughts and prayers go out to his twin and his family and loved ones.
    And shame on those who through their actions and/or words imply or say directly that he somehow deserved this!
    Rest in Peace, James. I hope your soul finally finds peace and ultimate rest.

  11. Wow, Brad. That’s kind of cruel, don’t you think? Even if you don’t like him and everyone’s aware of his habit (I saw his last tumblr), ouch!

  12. I didn’t know that he had a twin nor did I know he was in Super Soaked. It’s just freaking me because I just watched his videos from Falcon Studios last week and early this week and then I find he’s dead.

  13. You know what the worst part of it is? I’m sure that disgusting site “Cute Dead Guys” are going to get their hands on Erik’s body’s pictures in the morgue like they did Matthew Bremer’s aka CF’s Sean.

  14. I can’t speak for Brad but considering Eric admitted to bullying gays when he was in the closet, his drug abuse, his never ending whining about wanting to die…yeah I think the world is better off without him.

  15. i agree with those who don’t find this shocking. he was a self destructive drug addict and it’s amazing he lived to see 30. what’s even worse is reading about “the special moments you have given us forever” in the press release. I love porn but when people try to legitimize it as if this were real work, as if it involved real acting it sickens me. he was a whore on screen and off and people who perform in porn are prostitutes not actors. I am gay but will readily admit that only in the gay world would anyone think that what he did was any kind of accomplishment. his was a wasted life.

  16. Eric Rhodes was a shitty performer, it was obvious looking at him he was a meth head and a steroid freak. His face looked like a constipated rat with man boobs and chicken legs. Now the buckweed bitch dead, hooray, hallelujah, yeehaw dead bitch, yeehaw, LOL

  17. Well the bitch is dead, he killed himself and his loose stink hole. He’s a dead booger

  18. Unfortunate. Not so much that he died. He drove himself down a reckless highway knowing full well that it would end like this. He actually wanted it. What demons drove him down this path I don’t know if we will ever know. What is unfortunate is that no one could reach him to turn him around from this certain path to self-destruction. A life wasted is a sad thing.

  19. This is by far the best tribute written about Erik Rhodes. It should be used by the porn industry as an obituary.
    Well done Alias74.

  20. It’s always sad when someone with an addiction problem dies. It’s worse when they live their life in the public eye and are subject to heartless scrutiny from faceless internet trolls. We don’t know what it was in his past that drove Erik/James down the difficult path he was on, but we do know that behavior is rooted in something and some people can never get a handle on it. I read his blog and you can tell it was the one place where he could express all his inner pain and hopeless feelings. What’s sadder is that we all know drug use runs rampant in the gay community and there are those who just point their fingers in judgement and do nothing. There are others who try to help but can’t because the person refuses it. For Erik/James, no one really knows how he tried to deal with it, but we know he had issues with his own self-worth. For those that come to porn blogs like this and say bad things about men who do porn, remember you wouldn’t have sites or videos to come to unless they decided to do it so you could get off. For you to call them names and say they are worthless just reflects your own vision of yourself. I have friends who used to be in the industry who now have successful lives and careers away from it and doing well. They made the decisions to do the work in adult films and they made the decision to leave and move on. Erik/James may not have been able or ready to move from it. But it is no reason to tear him down in death. I hope he is at peace and that his family strength to deal with their loss.

  21. Thanks! Make it go viral…I’m actually kinda proud of it but I just was so taken aback by the hate and vitriol that just came out over this cat passing. And I wanted to convey the odd dichotomy of what it felt like as a fan to watch it all happen. Frankly I feel weird now watching his vids but they are separated now from all my other videos and showcased.

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