Marshall with Brice at Sean Cody

TMI This will be my goto video to jack off this weekend 🙂 Two guys that I want to stalk in one scene 🙂

Did you know that Brice has a "Born This Way" tattooed on his back?


HOT Brice's hole was stuffed with his and Marshall's cum.
NOT HOT Brice Jr was limp while Brice was getting fucked.

20 thoughts on “Marshall with Brice at Sean Cody

  1. It’s my “go to” video, too. 😉 Short of a Brandon-Marshall flip-flop, I can think of few other scenes I’d rather see on SC!

  2. Hmm…I don’t know what it is but Brice doesn’t do anything for me. I haven’t been able to get into any of his vids.

  3. Brice doesn’t do much for me too.
    I would love to see a threesome of Marshall, Brandon and Allen, with Allen eating his own cum and Brandon and Marshall’s cum too.

  4. I am sorry but apparently Brice is Gay, a gay man doing gay porn what a turn off, WTF is this studio thinking??? only straight homophobic men should do man on man sex on camera and of course bareback as they dont get STD’s like us gay fellas. That reminds me I must renew my Next Door subscription 😉 all in fun before the hate starts, Brice is sex on a stick!

  5. Brice is hot and need I remind everyone that having a boner while getting fucked is not necessarily an indication that someone is not excited….
    Take it from me first hand…cough huge dildos, getting fisted cough…the body doesn’t always follow the pattern of the brain and emotions.

  6. MEANWHILE….completely sauced out over how RIDICULOUS the write up for this is on SC: They are trying to sell to us that Marshall….straight AND an escort into scat and diapers…was suddenly enamored and texty-obsessed with another man?
    COME ON! The anniversary of Roswell may have been recently but I’m not THAT much of a gullible fucktard!

  7. If you watched the BTS you might actually believe the write-up–this is one serious fuck and suck and they are likely to be doing it again, with each other, somewhere, somehow, and Brice won’t have to pay Marshall to do it.

  8. I will admit this is one awesome dual-bareback video from SC…but then again, how can you expect anything less from someone who does escorting on the side. Marshall is an ESCORT out of Atlanta, GA USA.
    WOW!! — Alias74,…I didn’t realize that Marshall was into Scat & Diapers. Yuck!! 🙁 🙁

  9. Someone over said that he have hired Marshall from Rentboy and confirmed the ad is real. Over year I have came to a conclusion: the prettier a guy is, the bigger his ego is and the more desperate he needs the money. Somehow I do get that vibe from Marshall and other pretty boys from SC and CF.

  10. Yeah when I read that, I was disgusted. Everyone has that little weird thing they get off with. Me, if you want to get rock hard, tweak my nipples and the part is instantly started but shit? Mm-mm. No. Can’t do it. Diapers is weird but tolerable. Shit is only meant for two places: to be flushed or used in a flower garden.

  11. Some are surmising that a) it’s a fake ad, and b) he might have just ticked off the wrong windows in an effort to get his ad up and parlay his SC work into Escort work.
    It’s sad that if he is desperate for money that he is willing to do that. But then again I also gather there are guys willing to pay to be intimate with a hottie like Marshall.
    Meanwhile…if Brice were escorting I’d totally be on that!

  12. Who cares if he escorts he is fucking hot and a good performer lets hope he stays in the porn industry for a while…

  13. You’d surprised how careless he is erasing his trail on the internet. All the networking media pages he has show nothing but a typical frat-house, redneck kid. And I found it’s so mind-blowing because apparently under this white-bread perfect image is a desperate, willing-to-do-anything boy with very low standard. Assuming the ad is real, I wonder how he can live such contradict life like this?

  14. I know.. Marshall is so sexy! This scene was pretty good, but it didn’t top his scene with Liev.

  15. Too bad about the poor editing in this scene. Ruined it for me again SC! i know, i am a broken record. And why not feature more CF stuff? Seems like this site is biased or has a beef with CF ?

  16. Hasta ahora Marshall se ha lucido y con Brice ha hecho una buena química. Me gustó haberlos visto son dinamita.
    Ojalá podamos ver a Marshall junto a: Connor, Austin,Grayson,Sawyer,Ricky,Phillip y Myles.
    Que más puede pedir un gay con un “Adonis” como Marshall es todo un YUMMY un “Macho Man”
    ¡Molto Beeeeeello!

  17. marshall was working out at golds gym in hollywood for a while. we exchanged many looks, but always thought he was straight until i found his porn. does anybody know his name, fb account or even rentboy acc? wish i hadn’t wasted any time then… u can send it to

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