The model in Daniel of Sean Cody (Thanks John)

Daniel is the new guy this week at Sean Cody. He has deleted his twitter account and Model Mayhem profile which could indicate he wants to do more in gay porn?

MODEL versus PORN STAR Left pictures are were shot by Michael Downs and Achim Harding while pictures on the right are from Sean Cody.

Daniel_seancody_01_achimharding Daniel_seancody_02 
Daniel_seancody_03_michaeldowns Daniel_seancody_04 
Daniel_seancody_05_michaeldowns Daniel_seancody_06 
Daniel_seancody_07_achimharding Daniel_seancody_08 

Thanks to the comment of Lovers and Fakes, Daniel used the name Sawyer when he worked for My Friend's Feet.

Daniel_seancody_feet_sawyer_01 Daniel_seancody_feet_sawyer