The first to release a scene of Josh LongΒ was Southern Strokes with his solo last April 2012. He now has four scenes of him since last month.

Josh_long_southern_strokes_01 Josh_long_southern_strokes_02

Also last month was his solo at Bad PuppyΒ and his pair-up with Brenn Wyson at Men Over 30 & Johnny Glyserin at Bait Buddies.

Josh_long_badpuppy_01 Josh_long_badpuppy_02
Josh_long_baitbuddies_01 Josh_long_baitbuddies_02

This month, his solo at College Dudes was released.

Josh_long_collegedudes_01 Josh_long_collegedudes_02
Josh_long_collegedudes_03 Josh_long_collegedudes_04

The tattoo on his back is the name of his mother.


Getting to know Josh Long

1. How did you get into gay porn? How’s life in gay porn so far?

@charding helped me get into porn, he guided me to do it the
smart way. As far as the life style, well it’s a blast, traveling is fun

2. For the record, gay, bi, str8? Or, none of our business?

I’m bi (but I feel like I’m just sexual, men, women, tgirls)

3. Future projects in gay porn?

Yes, I have many new projects… I’m heading to LA

4. Who do you want to be partnered with and what scene would you like to do with him?

I’ve been planning new partners, but can’t give anything away yet lol

5. What do you do when you are not doing porn?

When I’m not doing porn, I’m selling sex products, I’m lunching a
website (now gone), and I’m trying to start Josh Long Entertainment Co. Big plans πŸ™‚