Knowing more about Grant of Sean Cody just made him hotter

Grant_seancody_02 Grant_seancody_03

Grant was introduced by Sean Cody last Nov. 7, 2012. His profile at SC mentioned that he was a gymnast.  “I used to do gymnastics!” he told us. “Everyone who does it is in great shape.” 


He was indeed part of a gymnastic team from a high powered school, where he took a business degree in aviation and learned how to fly a plane, according to a buddy he met at, a gay dating site.


Unfortunately, he was let go from the team due to the injury he sustained.


Sean Cody also mentioned that Grant was fucked a week before he did the interview. His buddy said he fucked him a year ago. So, it was not his first time. He started hooking up with guys when he was in college. Finally, Grant likes older and muscular guys. Time to hit the gym.