Interview with Tate of Corbin Fisher aka Tyler Nixon BY DAMIEN

He was introduced by Corbin Fisher using the name Tate last March 2012 where he had a solo and a str8 scene. After that, he worked for str8 porn using the name Tyler Nixon [twitter].

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Tell us more about where you come from, what was your life before porn. In your Corbin Fisher video, you said you were studying communication. Was that true? Is it still the case?

I grew up in Southern California. Before I got started I was living in Mammoth Lakes, CA kinda dodging reality, snowboarding every day. Porn was never something I thought I would do. I moved back to SoCal for college and I was approached by someone from Corbin Fisher. Because I was working valet and paying for school myself I decided to give it a try, not knowing how I would perform. I never expected to be where I am today! As of right now, due to my heavy schedule I am not currently in school.

Was you work at Corbin Fisher your first sex scene ever, right? Do you remember how you felt?

Yea, Corbin was the first company that I worked for. I did a solo and a BG for them. For the first time it was definitely a little awkward, but the crew made me feel comfortable and the girl I worked with was super cool which made things easier.

Did you consider doing more videos for Corbin Fisher?

I was interested in working with them again, but not for the scenes they were asking of me. I actually thought they wanted to use me more for their straight site, but that wasn’t the case. 

What’s your view on gay for pay?

Gay for pay? To each his own, right?  It’s just not something that turns me on, so I’ve never considered it.

How did your friends, family, ex girlfriends react to you becoming a porn model?

I have awesome friends that would support me in anything. My family is also extremely supportive. It took me a while to tell them, but when I did they took it well.  As long as I’m happy they’re stoked!

How was your sexlife before all this? Were you fucking hundreds of random girls or did you have conventional girlfriends? Were you an exhibitionist?

Haha no I was not fucking hundreds of randoms girls, I have no game haha.  Before I got into porn I had a serious girlfriend for five years and although we did some crazy things together (exploring sexual peaks) we were never into having people watch.

Do you not care about people seeing you in sexual situations, or does that turn you on?

To be honest I don’t even think about it. I’m a bit on the shy side so every once in a while things can get awkward, but I just try to find the humor in things and just laugh it off.  After all, when you take the emotion out of it it’s just sex, and it’s “fucking” fun!


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You did about 50 scenes now. What are your favorites?

Oh it’s been more than that.  I’ve done over 100 scenes now, kinda crazy. My favorite scenes have definitely been with X-Art. I really have a great time with the crew and have shot really cool scenes in really amazing locations. For instance, we shot a scene in a private jet while flying over Austria, on beaches in Ibiza, in Prague castles, it just keeps going. I have done some really cool things thanks to X-Art!

What surprised you the most, in a good way, and in a bad way, in the porn industry?

What surprised me the most is where porn has taken me in the last year.  I have done a lot of traveling and made a lot of great memories because of porn! The only disappointment is how staged majority of the scenes are haha. Sometimes I wish I could just do my own thing, but that will be coming soon on my website!

What was your worst experience shooting a scene?

Hmm that’s tough, just because I have worked with such great people I haven’t really had a bad experience. If I had to say, it would probably be having a difficult time getting hard and feeling like I’m wasting the director’s time.

You are very far from the usual porn models, how do you explain your success?

I have no idea! haha. I just try to go in there and do my best. Building chemistry with the girl I am working with and being a pleasure on set only makes for better scenes and fewer headaches for the directors. 

From your very first scene to now, how did you evolve?

Oh man, I so many ways… I have done more evolving in my personal life because of porn.  But I have a lot to learn in this crazy industry, I learn something new pretty much every day on set haha

What do you think is your best asset in this bizness and what is your weak point?

I think my best asset in the business is that I’m just an average “boy next door” looking guy. I feel like that is a unique image right now in the industry. My weak point, I would have to say, is separating sex and work, which is sometimes hard. We’re there to work, but when you’re paired up with an awesome girl and there’s chemistry it kind of sucks haha

What are the pros and the cons of doing porn?

The biggest pro for me has been traveling! In the last six month I have been very fortunate to have been in Europe six times with X-Art. Super stoked on that!

As for cons of doing porn, the only thing I can think of is personal relationships.  There are a lot of great girls in the industry, but it almost seems like you limit yourself to only women in the industry. So far it has been hard for me to find someone accepting of what I do. 

What are the pros and the cons of the actual shooting?

Well one obvious pro is being paired up with these extremely gorgeous women, who are very talented at what they do haha.  And another would be all the awesome people I have met in this past year.

One Con would be the pressure. Sometimes there can be a little pressure when things are not going smoothly. Then it’s like quicksand, the more you think about it the worse off you are. 


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Do you consider yourself successful?

I base success on one’s personal mental and emotional state, and right now I’m stoked on life. So yes I feel successful. 

How does porn affect your current love life, and your sex life?

haha my personal love life is non-existent. Just haven’t met the right one yet.

How do you think porn will affect you future love and sex life?

It’s definitely something I think about, because of the “stigma” porn may have, but I know I will eventually meet an awesome girl that will accept me for me. 

How do you imagine yourself in 5, 10, 20 years? still in the porn biz?

Oh yea. I have some goals mapped out to create my own website of P.O.V scenes.  From there hopefully I can get to the level where I can just hire my talent and I can step away from the camera. As for 20 year goals, I would say have a business lucrative enough to support a family.

Pretty much all of your scene have been vanilla sex for now. Do you not like the rougher stuff? What kind of things would you like to try you haven’t had the chance to yet?

I do like rough sex, but nothing like doming or being dominated. I would like to work with Kink, I just feel I may be to vanilla for that. BUT I did do my first anal scene a few days ago for MoFo’s! haha So I’m getting freakier!

Have you seen “boogie nights”? What did you recognize from your experience and what differs?

Lol, yes I have seen Boogie Nights. There are a lot of funny similarities. In the movie Mark Wahlberg is from Torrance Beach and I am from the neighboring town Hermosa Beach. Actually when I first got in industry I jokingly asked if I could use the name Dirk Diggler, but I guess there would have been legal issues about that haha. But I don’t plan on “Being Great” like Eddie Adams from Torrance haha 

What is your life like outside of porn?

I live a fairly mellow lifestyle. I try to surf every morning before work, then after just kick it with the homies haha. Another passion of mine is snowboarding so I try to make it up to Mammoth for a week every month. Mammoth is pretty much my second home. And If I have those 3 things I’m stoked!

Also I just have to shout out to and for supporting your boy and hooking it up! If you snowboard or skate check it out, I only ride their gear.

Tyler Nixon was nominated for Best Male Newcomer 2013 by AVN.


Thank you to Damien for this interview with Tate aka Tyler Nixon.