From Brice to Brice Banyan and now Connor Kline

He was introduced by Sean Cody as Brice last March 28, 2012 where it mentioned that Brice was a complete bottom. He was one of the few guys at Sean Cody who were openly gay. His tattoo on his back reads “Born This Way“.

He had three bareback scenes as a bottom released – with Jarek, Calvin and Marshall.

Brice_seancody_scenes_01 Brice_seancody_scenes_02
Brice_seancody_scenes_03 Brice_seancody_scenes_04

His last scene released at Sean Cody was last June 30, 2012. A few months later, Brice Banyan was born and tweeted his first message last Dec 12, 2012 which informed us about his work at Lucas Entertainment. [source]

Brice_banyan_lucasentertainment_01 Brice_banyan_lucasentertainment_02

A few days later, he changed his name to Connor Kline.


It mentioned that he was now an exclusive of Helix Studios.


It also mentioned that he was in a relationship with Casey Tanner. 


The two shared photos of them in action at home. It seems the taller Connor Kline is the bottom in their relationship.

LOVERSEX_casey_tanner_connor_kline_02 LOVERSEX_casey_tanner_connor_kline_03

I have asked Connor Kline to comment about his experience at Sean Cody. Hopefully, he finds the time.