Interview with the sexually greedy Connor Maguire

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Connor Maguire [stalk here] is sexy, literate, intelligent, free thinking, wildly open minded, he just made me a fan for life!” – Alias74 (interviewer)

Connor Maguire and gay porn

What is your age and physical stats? Cut or uncut? True hair color? Top, bottom or versatile?

My age is twenty-two, I am 6’2″, I am uncut, my natural hair is dark red, I am a top.

What drew you at 19 years old to the adult film industry? In other words, what event or suggestions prompted you to explore becoming a porn performer?

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of being watched. Porn is the most logical way to fulfill that desire.

Some sites prefer to bill you as or imply that you are gay for pay and yet your own (still active) Rentboy ad lists your orientation as “bisexual”. How do you truly identify sexually?

My ad isn’t active. I identify myself sexually greedy. I enjoy dominating and connecting with beautiful people of any gender – orgies are also pretty great.

So are we to imply from your answer that you have hooked up with and had sex with men outside of a filming and escorting context? And if so: could you ever see yourself in a relationship with a man?

I have been in one before. So yes.

It’s widely known that the pay scale for gay porn is better than males performing in straight porn: Do a retrospective for me – contrast your confidence level and performance in your first ever gay scene versus your confidence level and performance in your recent Next Door Buddies: Dungeon Club scene (a nine man orgy).

My confidence was very low during my first gay scene. It was very intense for me as a newcomer. By the time I was contracted with Next Door, I was pretty comfortable with all of it.

The str8 and bi side of Connor Maguire


Speaking of Next Door Studios, you did a straight scene with them as well as a bisexual three way with Cody Cummings and Darcy Tyler. Would you like to do more Male-Male-Female bi scenes? Tell us about filming that scene?

I would like to do more bi scenes. I’ve actually done quite a few bi fetish videos for Club Dom prior to my Next Door Contract. I enjoyed the scene with Darcy and Cody. Cody is a great guy, he is very respectful, friendly, and easy going and Darcy is a beautiful, intelligent, and very fascinating woman.

Cody Cummings has withstood his fair share (and then some) of criticism over never really fully crossing that line or delaying the crossing… even by gay for pay standards. What do you have to say to the detractors and critics of Cody Cummings? Can you share what it was like filming with him?

Those people are just haters. He makes more money leaving things to the audience’ imagination than he would by just going all the way; as it has been proven by all previous performers. People keep watching his new videos in hope of seeing something more, when they already have their favorite video of whoever else and need not to see more.

You have an amazing verve and energy in your gay scenes – a spark that literally seems to ignite in your three way scenes. Specifically I’m thinking about that awesome scene with Kyle Quinn and Sam O’Toole and the sandwich scene with the Rosso Twins in Channel One’s Spitting Image. You seem to enjoy getting train fucked (you fucking a bottom while being fucked) and spit roasted (bottoming while getting facefucked). Have you had group sex outside of the confines of filming gay porn? Care to share any experiences?

I have had group sex outside of porn, but it’s never resembled any of the videos I’ve been in. I honestly don’t enjoy bottoming. All of those positions you’ve seen me in were chosen by a director, not by me.

Soooooooo if you honestly do not enjoy bottoming, your filmography tends to connote the exact opposite impression (although I can see that you have been topping more recently). How do you square that? And more importantly, what’s prepping like for you prior to a bottoming or a group scene, physically and mentally?

My former agent used to book all of my scenes, and because at the time I was versatile, he would book me for whatever scenes were available. Now I am on my own and get to be more choosey. Prepping? I’m not sure. I’ve never really gotten psyched out by things. It’s more about just blocking out the physical pain.

In one of your video interviews (above) for Next Door: when asked what you look for in women, you imitated a caveman, grunted and said “HUMAN…BREED!” And when asked what you look for in a man, you said…and I quote: “If they really really want it –that’s kinda cool. Explain.

The caveman imitation was a joke. It kind of means I like women with strong pheromones. Mainly I like nothing more than a smart girl. If she teaches me things, I’m definitely calling her back. I don’t remember giving that answer about guys, so I can’t really explain it. I receive medical marijuana and was probably “medicated” during that time. Regardless, I like submissive guys and true bottoms. Knowing that I can fuck someone as hard as I want turns me on.

Care to discuss why you take medical marijuana? If NOT: pitch me why marijuana should be legalized in the United States.

I take it for OCD, anxiety, and insomnia. Just notice how extremely ridiculous it is for marijuana to be illegal.


What about sex with men turns you on the most? You tend to bottom…. a lot! Is anal play a big thing for you outside of porn? Was it something you enjoyed prior to your porn career?

The first time I bottomed was on film. I don’t enjoy it. It’s not something I do in my personal life. I understand that there are people with sensitive prostates that enjoy bottoming more than anything else, but it has never felt good for me.

Your RentBoy ad lists the following interests: Leather, fisting, water sports, B&D, Scat, Diapers, Latex, PNP. We did not know all THAT about you? Or was it just a mistake hitting a “Choose all” button….Could your recent shoot for Kink Men be exposing a heretofore unseen kinkier side???? And more importantly will we see you fisting or being fisted?


I am actually a very kinky person. I enjoy being a dom. I am strictly the giver of all the kinky stuff in my ad. I like doing things to people that enjoy it, the weirder the better. I like being a dom. I have more kinky porn coming soon. I like fisting people, but never under any circumstances want to be fisted.

I LOVE this side of you!!!!! Share some of the kinkier stuff you have experienced or been involved in in your personal life…and I’ll quote you back: the weirder, the better.

It’s hard to rank levels of “kink” seeing as how every action is so unique.

Connor Maguire and Gay 4 Pays

Next Door Studios sometimes gets a bad rap for employing gay for pay performers. The main criticism is leveled at the quick editing and what some call a lack of chemistry between the players (culled no doubt from long shoots). Share your thoughts on performing with openly gay performers (you’ve logged a considerable amount with such men) versus the filming of a scene with a predominantly straight identified performer like say Tyler Torro or even James Huntsmen who has received his fair share of negative (downright hateful) comments about performing in gay porn.

I would rather perform with gay men than straight men, but I have no problem with the straight performers. It’s easy to bro out during a scene with a straight guy and it goes smoothly. I’d rather do scenes with gay performers because I don’t feel like they are super sad about what they’re doing. For a gay man, gay porn is a great time.

“Super sad”??? Without naming names or studios or incidents, can you share a time it was difficult performing with a “super sad” straight identified performer and just what a shoot is like with someone like that versus a gay performer?

I’ve never worked with anyone while they were sad. People feel sad with religious guilt. Some people are still oppressed by the religious teachings they had as children and feel ashamed of their homosexual acts. This causes a possible slow acting sadness, I assume.

Next Door Studios underwent a drastic change in the last year – jettisoning exclusives, shuttering its eponymous porn star sites. What’s your status with the company as of now and care to discuss what exactly the studio is going through?

My contract with next door ended in September of 2012. I don’t know any details of their changes, but Next Door has good employees. I’m sure fans will like whatever they end up doing.


Starting on amateur sites, then moving on to Miami based sites like Thug Hunter, Out in Public followed by original internet content sites like Cum Pig Men, Extra Big Dicks, Circle Jerk Boys and then Falcon, Catalina and of course NDS – which has been your favorite studio to shoot for? And why?

I started with Miami Based sites and did amateur stuff on the side. My first gay scene was for the same studio as Thug Hunter and Out in Public. I honestly don’t have a favorite studio. I’ve been lucky enough not to have issues with anybody and I’ve been treated well by everyone I’ve worked for.

Connor Maguire and bareback porn

Many a site has seen a conversion from condomed sex to bareback or no condoms. A hot button topic specifically for gay porn and its performers has been the question of the safety of the performers. No one can seem to agree what the best method is for minimizing the risk of STI (sexually transmitted infections) to performers in gay porn – Is it enough for informed consent? Should we leave it to performer responsibility? Should there be mandatory testing? Should there be mandatory condom use a la the recently passed legislation in California? Do we need a combination of all of these factors? Please weigh in, Connor – having shot for a number of studios and having performed in scenes with a number of performers (a significant amount in fact) who have performed in bareback scenes prior to shooting with you, what do you think is the answer for protecting our beloved performers?

I strongly believe in full-panel testing prior to every scene. I will never do a bareback gay porn. I don’t think any amount of money or fame is worth risking your life. I think it is wrong for companies to exploit broke people by offering them more money not to use condoms. It’s disgusting that it’s even legal to do so. I find it ok for performers to do bareback, but only if it’s completely their idea, and without a financial incentive.

Arguably porn is for the financial benefit of everyone involved (albeit lopsided – the studios and directors make out better than the performers). If I’m reading you right, testing and fully informed consent/decision making is what you advocate. Many of your scene partners (I counted ten actually) did bareback scenes prior to you shooting with them. Let me ask you this: do you feel that the risks of STI (sexually transmitted infections) are minimized as a performer, especially considering that a valid full panel test is only good for sexual behavior prior to the test date which cannot account for what a performer may or may not be doing in their lives in the days leading up to the shoot. Thoughts?

The time period between the STD test and the scene is usually 2-3 days. There has obviously been a lot more sexual activity in the performer’s entire life than those few days. So testing is very very worth it. That unknown “behavior” is why I am against bareback porn. Anything could have happened during those few days.

The personal side of Connor Maguire

First of all, you rarely give interviews but when you do – DUDE, you are a crack-up (best Schwarzeneggar imitation EVER!)! I suspect that this is common for you – joking, doing impressions, geeking out with comic book, fantasy references, and making people laugh. As a redhead with a distinctive Letterman-esque smile, did you grow up as the class clown/everybody’s buddy…did you get teased for having red hair? Clue us into childhood Connor.

My parents were hippies. I lived in the woods without electricity or running water for the first ten years of my life. We had our own organic farm in the Cascade Mountains. I had a lot of friends that were raised in a similar manner. My mother was a teacher and she tutored all the home schooled children in the area. Not having television, I ended up reading a lot books and comics. Because I was home schooled, my mother was worried I would have social issues, so she had me take a huge variety of different classes (karate, acting, dancing, drawing, sculpting, painting, writing, etc…). I joined public school at the beginning of eighth grade. By that time I had enough random talents and interests to get along with pretty much anybody. I had a pretty amazing childhood, and really enjoyed my teen years. I thank my parents and my progressive upbringing.

Connor what do you like to do when you’re not filming? Hobbies, dreams? Pursuits?

I’m going to school for animation. I hope to make some of the funniest cartoons ever. I love any creative outlet. I love acting as well. Theater has always been a passion of mine.

Acting is a passion of mine too. Name a favorite play or musical. Also name your dream role in a theatre production. And who’s your favorite actor – male and female. And who’s your biggest celebrity crush?!!?!?

My favorite play is ‘Waiting for Godot’. I’m not sure of my dream role. I’m not sure of my favorite actor either, but Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a hero of mine. Nicole Kidman is my favorite actress. I’ve had a crush on her since I was a small boy.

Dying to know your educational background – I perused your Amazon wishlist and here’s a first: You listed books by renowned theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku, as well as books on Quantum and string theory, relativity, and Quantum Physics (I’ve read that Rae book – you should get it). Please enlighten us as to these interests and what you are in school for (according to a recent tweet of yours).

As stated earlier, I am currently studying animation. Physics has always been a passion of mine. I love learning, especially about the very fabrics of existence. I also dabble in chemistry for fun. I took some chem classes at Cal state, but can’t see a exciting future in that career.

You also seem to be a lover of Celtic history and weaponry as well as fantasy and mythology (in addition to being a fan of $1500 Scotch!!!!!). Tell us about your love of mythology and Celtic lore.

I’m very true to my heritage. I am half Celtic, half Scandinavian. I’ve always felt connected to the mythology of those cultures. I think I would probably do much better in those universes than our own.

If you could be one superhero or God from mythology, who would it be?

I would have the same powers as Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. I would love the ability to manipulate matter at will, create life, and live above time itself. I would create my own universe with my own laws of psysics.

What does the future hold for Connor Maguire?

I hope it is a future with legal marijuana, rock n’ roll, and peace on earth. Thank you for caring about what I have to say. 🙂

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