BigJoe59’s thoughts on Fraternity X

(BigJoe59 is a reader of this blog.)

My last membership at Fraternity X ended 10/17/12 so I was able to watch “Fuck and Chuck” which was posted on that day.


I figure I’d wait till a substantial amount of new videos were posted before I joined again. You will remember I said I looked at the site every so often just top see what videos had been posted. I was alarmed that at one point a new video wasn’t posted for 3 weeks rather than the standard of 2 weeks or even 13 days. Then, they pulled “Frat Bitch” with Jake Lyons from its original post date previous to my membership expiring and reposted it on Dec. 6, 2012.


Now strike #3. The most recent posted video “Half-Time” which was posted on 3/13/13 is not only only 7 1/2 mins. but quite seriously looks like an outtake from “Breed Pretty Boy Hole” which was posted on 1/13/13.


Have you heard anything on the gay porn grapevine has to what the hell is going on at Fraternity X?