Guy was actually on Active Duty (tip @ Michael)

He was Queerlick's Boyfriend of the Week last November 2012. It mentioned that he was a 21 year old marine stationed at Pendleton.


He seems to be the same guy named Guy (profile removed?) at Active Duty introduced in 2011. They have the same tattoos. I think his solo paid to finish his tribal tattoo on his right shoulder 🙂


The tattoo was finished when his threesome was released on the same year.


Same guy or not? Keep in mind the NOW photo was shot in front of a mirror.


Does the owner of Active Duty hang around military bases to find his models? He is not the first model to have a military past – another example is Hunter.

11 thoughts on “Guy was actually on Active Duty (tip @ Michael)

  1. I think the owner of Active Duty actually does hang around military bases to find his models. A few years ago there was a scandal when six or seven guys were from Fort Bragg got in trouble for appearing on the site.

  2. I’m sure you are aware that the whole shtick of Active Duty is military personnel hence the name Active Duty, i.e. the whole history of the site revolves around this premise. So the answer to your question about his hanging around military is yes, in a sense. Although not every performer is a veteran of the military the majority are. Much of the fresh meat, so to speak, comes from personal contacts of other performers.

  3. are you not from the united states? this site is infamous for sex scandals involving active duty straight men doing gay porn and getting kicked out of the service.

  4. not to start a false rumor but on the now defunct ASG the owner doug had held a seance for dink..making me think he was deceased. anyone know? have not heard his voice on any of the new videos…maybe a good investigative piece? and again i could be totally wrong.

  5. The newer models are getting less and less attractive now and I’ve actually stopped watching their scenes now. Same with CF.

  6. Perhaps your threshold is becoming tighter and tighter? I dunno, G4P or not I can find someone pretty cute, I just won’t watch their porn. Also, I’m easy lol!

  7. The real Dink passed away almost a year ago from liver disease. He was a real nice guy, but had been a heavy drinker for decades. True pioneer. They don’t make them like him anymore.

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