Hot or not? Christian Power & Marco Troper

CHRISTIAN POWER If I compare him with other humongous guys in gay porn, he is, in my eyes, the hottest of them all. Christian Power is versatile. So far, there have been three scenes of him released by Men of Montreal.

My one complaint is his body acne. I enjoy licking a man’s body. I prefer a paved road than a road full of humps and bumps 🙂


MARCO TROPER He was just introduced by Lucas Entertainment in their latest Audition series titled Concrete Jungle. Marco Troper got fucked by Rafael Carreas, whose career did not suffer even if he did bareback porn.


9 thoughts on “Hot or not? Christian Power & Marco Troper

  1. Christian Power is one huge, hot, hunk o’ beef! But maybe he’s had some help in pumping himself up to that size. Isn’t acne a side effect of steroids?

  2. I’m all for Christian Power! First two videos ever as a bottom, who wouldn’t love that?

  3. Christian Powers head chopped off and annexed on to a normal sized body, yes. Otherwise, oh hell no! His body is a caricature!
    Troper is alright.

  4. Christian Power is DELICIOUS (although a) that name is AWFUL and b) what up with his ass in that last shot? Vericose vein ass? Dimpling from cellulite? What?)

  5. Just wish this big dude knew he has the world at his feet!!! I know his size is suspect… I want him to be happy AND healthy, so I hope he does it naturally. That being said, I hope menofmontreal get him out there more, by twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs. This industry needs superstars, and he seems to have the it factor. Please treat him well, and fans will reward you handsomely!

  6. I’ve met “Christian Power” a couple times at strip clubs in Canada. His body is really impressive and he’s a neat guy.

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