New guy this coming Monday at Corbin Fisher was Gunther of Fratmen (tip @ GMan)

Corbin Fisher just shared a photo of their new guy this coming Monday.


He was Gunther, who was introduced by Fratmen last September 2012.


13 thoughts on “New guy this coming Monday at Corbin Fisher was Gunther of Fratmen (tip @ GMan)

  1. It’s obvious that lots of CF’s new kids are recruited from Fratmen. My question is that out of all gorgeous specimen from Fratmen, CF can’t get one so they settle to..this?

  2. I hear YOU — Jeremy, and agree. However, “Beauty Lies In The Eyes of the Beholder”…and some CF-Fans may find Gunther appealing,…and totally disagree with YOU and ME. lol!!
    I would love to see FM Jocks: Andres, Kip, Trent, Casey, Shay, Burke, JP and the TWINS (Micky & Ajay) over at CF. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. I hate to say this because I JUST became Team Corbin Fisher after not having subscribed after YEARS…their clips have become very perfunctory and lackluster over the last months. There have been some standout clips (oddly enough with the established stable players – something everyone HATES accordingly), but all the new faces have been limp, robotic, and clearly edited for content.
    Even CF Select started dialing down what used to be a double update…and sadly THOSE clips have run out of the energy they used to exhibit. Although kudos for the recent Clint-hot-muscle-bottom clips.
    Never thought I’d say this because I hate this phrase…but CF needs to step up it’s game.
    The competition: Chaosmen, Sean Cody, Bel Ami….eating them alive at this point.

  4. I too,…hate to say it,…but must concede with YOU.
    Chip @ CF Campus wrote the follow:
    [Quote]A few of you have asked about it, so I wanted to give everyone a quick heads up – we’re focusing CFS’ exclusive releases around Friday, and putting Wednesday releases on hold for now (though we’re still regularly adding our most popular Classics updates!). This adjustment lets us focus on some exciting changes coming to CFS (and all our sites!) very soon, so keep an eye out for those! It also lets us work on some insanely hot, new CFS collections we have in the works that you will for sure not want to miss.[/Quote]
    I’m hoping that using the phase “INSANELY HOT” is a reflection of what use to be CF’s trademark; ** INNOVATION ** which has also witness it share of failures,…like CF-Unlimited, GuysGoneBi, CF/BAO Collaboration and other less significant demises.
    “If CF wishes to be the FERRARI of Adult Entertainment,…then they better start thinking like the Italian Car Maker,..and rev-up their competitive spirit and spend LESS energy on fancy Exec titles and DMCA lawsuits.”

  5. CF and SC have really fallen into the mediocre range as far as their talent. Something seems to happen to these studios when they become successful. They buy a mansion, and then start scrimping on model quality to pay for their now lavish lifestyle. They lose focus on what’s really important and stop investing in what got them there in the 1st place.

  6. Corbin please don’t punish Aiden, Tom, Harper, Jon, Josh, Tanner, Kent or Cameron by making them sleep with this guy.

  7. As long as my perennial favorites like Aiden, Cain, Cameron, Connor, Harper, Josh, Kent, Trey, Zeb, and my ultra-fave Dawson are still around I will continue to be a loyal CF fan. They are proven performers, enjoy the hell out of themselves, and always deliver.

  8. hi does anyone know when they will have a another membership sale? or was that really once in a lifetime deal because I’ve missed it. thanks if anyone knows

  9. Gunther is one beautiful boy with a sculpted body and check out those very blue eyes. WOW!

  10. Well said. Just look at the old studios lke Falcon and Jocks who has been phoning it in for years.

  11. I would agree that Corbin has lost some of its mojo per say but I would not say that about They have continued to bring in hot guys. The problem seems to be with them is finding enough hot guys to perform with other hot guys. They have their regulars there as any other site but as for the hotness factor IMHO that is on display at Seancody more so in the last six months than on corbin by a mile. As for, they have a habit of using models from other sites as well which isn’t something that Seancody does that often but he has but on a grand scheme of things those occasions have been rare compared to their competition. Also, if you look at the internet traffic that gets compared to corbinfisher it is clear as well who is winning the interest of the porn lovers out there as well.
    Just my two cents, BTW remember that Logan that is now in a vegitative state for the rest of his life started on fmtv as Wes before he went on to become somewhat of a legend at corbinfisher. I think the total number of former fmtv models that have went on to corbinfisher have been around 10 to 12 overall with two of them that actually worked at the pad as well. Thought I would throw some trivia in there to remember someone who I thought was incredible on cam which was Logan who seemed to be a natural at porn but sadly some idiots thought they should rough him up one night and now the world has lost another great performer in porn.

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