Samuel of Sean Cody = Vaughn of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Andrew)

Samuel was introduced by Sean Cody last year, January 4, 2012. He only had a solo released. He is back and now using the name Vaughn, where he is the new guy this week at Corbin Fisher.


Both porn sites mentioned Samuel/Vaughn played the piano, has a deep voice and a foot size of 13"

8 thoughts on “Samuel of Sean Cody = Vaughn of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Andrew)

  1. Dude has the weirdest body proportion in the business. Almost looks like an alien.

  2. Well,..Vaughn isn’t Jordan from FM, nor Jason Strong from JS-Tickling, and after reviewing all of the CF and SC photos would have to agree with “jeremyrain” regarding a weird body proportion. I think his large head, and lengthy torso makes his physique seem disproportional.
    Thanks DENZ and Andrew for spot-lighting CF’s newest Corbie. 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi DENZ,..NO big deal / just curious??,..I loved the OLIVE-GREEN MofP background,…so why the change to universal WHITE??

  4. Have to agree with both, definitely not much to look at. Watched the video at CF, not much of a personality either.

  5. Denz – nice that you’ve reverted. Both mobile and tablet are now readable. The sidebars are no longer missing. Think the monetized traffic, Mr.Denz!

  6. And you’re an anti-semitic douchebag. So, it all evens out in the end.

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