Ex-lover’s first scene, new guy Mick Torrence and screen test of Terry Torson

EX LOVERS It was only last February that Ryan Rose and Bobby Hart became lovers. Their first scene together [gallery], filmed when they were lovers, was just released by Falcon Studios. The two broke up last April 06, 2013 after Bobby was hospitalized because Ryan hit him.


MICK TORRENCE He was just introduced this week at Broke Straight Boys but we get to watch him too in oral action.


TERRY TORSON I’ve only seen him as a bottom for other sites using the name Juliano Mendes. This is the first (???) time I’ve seen him as a top, released by William Higgins.

UPDATE I was wrong. According to the comment of Count Voronovich, Terry already topped. He fucked Adam Rupert [gallery] and Caleb Moreton at Big Daddy.


LIVE Pierre Fitch still doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free. The latest was just last Thursday.


23 thoughts on “Ex-lover’s first scene, new guy Mick Torrence and screen test of Terry Torson

  1. Wow. As much as I was jealous of their relationship, I don’t wish anyone’s to end especially from violence.

  2. Geez, I just saw the pictures. Ryan really did a number on Bobby. His jaw was extremely swollen.

  3. With ANY Czech/Euro performer, I think it’s always safe to assume they are either bisexual or gay for pay. That’s why I don’t get into Euro porn much.

  4. I really like the hot scenes Ryan Rose (Pierce) did at SC. He is one big beautiful and muscular former Jarhead. I hope that after beating up his boyfriend, he has started getting some serious counseling/psychological help in dealing with his anger issues.

  5. Pierre Fitch also did a show on Cam4 just a few days ago.
    @dean re: czech/euro performers. Yea, they almost all seem so mechanical and detached. No passion. There are a couple I’ve seen that were ok.

  6. Can you read A$$HOLE? Where do I defend his beating up his boyfriend? Your mind is so clouded with hatred you can’t even understand a simple paragraph.

  7. Yeah, same here. I really enjoyed the scenes the Peters twins did together. Those were crazy hot since they were also really into each other! But, as for the rest, I tend to avoid it for the same reasons u said.

  8. His straight scene was in the movie: Tina’s Sex-Besuche: Ficken auf Bestellung 2.
    I can’t seem to find it anywhere on stream sites, only download. He has a threesome with two girls in it. This was only found by chance I think since he was uncredited. So you can bet that he’s done a lot more straight porn that just this, especially considering guys are often uncredited and sometimes cut out of frame completely during straight porn.

  9. Now that the Sword requires registration for commenters the number of comments dropped considerably. I wonder if OMG knows more about that ….

  10. I still wonder what the Peeters Twins did that upset George Duroy so much that he did not renew their contract with BelAmi.

  11. Terry Torson also fucked Adam Rupert in a Bad Puppy update. This scene was produced by William Higgins’ studio in Prague.

  12. Read my post again A$$HOLE! Where did I defend Ryan Rose? Read it and answer that question!!! Take your hate blinders off and grow up. Ryan’s Ex needed medical attention and he got it. Ryan needs counseling or psychological help for his anger/ violence issues and hopefully he will be required to get that help. What is with you and “pussy”? You are freakin fixated on it. You do know that unless you were a C-Section delivery, you entered this world through a PUSSY. Oh the horror!

  13. Ryan Rose is one of the most ugly guys I’ve ever seen. Sure he has a nice body but pretty much all porn stars do. He looks like someone had way to much plastic surgery and turn him into someone like Michael Jackson. Plus he has a gay face too

  14. “Plus he has a gay face too”
    And that’s wrong because?
    MANY MANY gays have gay faces and high pitch voices. Because they’re GAY!
    I want to see YOUR face!

  15. His EX should have sent him to jail. He was the one who got his ass kicked. You are in need of some help yourself if you can twist that paragraph into a person defending the abuser.

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