13 thoughts on “Hot or not? Mick Torrence, Kevin Clarkson and Hudson

  1. I like them all! Kevin kind of reminds me of Ryan Raz & Hudson can be my new Jessy Ares if he can keep his mouth shut & not come off as crazy…I used to like Jessy but now he’s talking about doing str8 porn and having sex with women, so it’s only a matter of time til he crosses over. And since he’s hooked up with Martin Mazza he seems a bit unhinged, so I’m totally over him. Anyway, Hudson I love your scruff! And I want to lick Kevin’s chin, it’s so big!

  2. The first too are cute, Hudson is ridiculous. Hottest SC guy since Marshall? Mayhaps. If he doesn’t come back for more scenes I’ll be very disappointed.

  3. Kevin Clarkson – Yum.
    Hudson is hot, but hairy guys are not really my type. Somehow, he looks like someone popular. I don’t know why.

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