No more written descriptions at Sean Cody

I got an email from LuisGustavo, who was not happy with the new change at Sean CodyJust wanted to let you know that Sean Cody has eliminated the scene descriptions from their site. Personally, I consider it a dumb move, cuz their subscribers and
potential new customers will be at a loss of what is happening at the
scenes, without a description.


I thought it was just a glitch with the new design. It turns out, Sean Cody replaced the written descriptions with the video previews. Nore more written descriptions since Tuesday, April 02, 2013.


36 thoughts on “No more written descriptions at Sean Cody

  1. SC has become arrogant and thinks it knows whet its member want this is why I canceled my membership no regrets there. Besides that fact is it’s predictable and boring. The straight guys only top and gay boys only bottom. Lets see Jess or Brandon get the cum fucked out of them and not in flip flop fuck with a gay bottom and I might rejoin. . BUT!! I know that wont happen

  2. The descriptions were useless anyhow. This is a fair trade off that is cleaner and much more demonstrative of what the new content is about.

  3. Still a fan but like the description with the names of the guys.
    You were able to click on the name and get a list of that performers videos; no more!
    Will keep my subscription. Still love the boys!!!

  4. Have links to models in the video and a short description for example ” Jess finally gives it up and gets fucked bareback by Pavel “

  5. mrbill has the correct answer, in more ways than one! LOL It’s about time Jess got pounded!
    I found the descriptions useless, as Jay said, and even laughable! Just the stupidest boiled down version of their tired narrative.
    I liked the ability to easily click around and find the model’s other videos. Put that back!!!

  6. Agreed, the easy navigation of other films, the sometimes insightful commentary on what happened behind the scenes was a good chunk of the allure, now it’s nameless faceless and boring.

  7. SC is the most closed and closeted of any of the top sites. They pretty much have no PR apparatus aside from distributing their updates thru certain blogs like WayBig. Beyond that, nothing. So they add something to the site–previews, something they should have had long ago and take away descriptions. We’ve all gone along with this b/c of the quality of their product. Now, even that has become questionable with the new talent. It tells the customer, fuck-off, we only care about your money, and we don’t care if you like us as a company. SC has the potential to be so much more than it is, but they seem to have a different busines approach than anyone else.

  8. They have written descriptions for older scenes and previews for their latest scenes, it fits their new streamlined look, and I for one didn’t see the point of the descriptions.
    Also, Glenn is pretty adorable and yet no one has mentioned this?

  9. Considering that most people commented that they didn’t believe most of the content in the stories I’m not surprised that he did away with them.

  10. I always enjoyed reading the scene descriptions – they were often fun to read. I especially liked some of the details written about what happens behind the scenes that introduce you to the guys a little better.
    I will miss the descriptions and hope they come back again (even in a tab format like at ChaosMen where you click to expand the summary), that way they are still available for those interested.

  11. Glenn sure caught my eye. What a beauty!
    I sorta liked the short write-ups but a lot of people complain they’re BS, so SC drops them and everyone complains. Go figure.

  12. Um, I don’t mind it. The written descriptions were hit or miss for me. It was either TMI or it enhanced the scene. I prefer the video preview over the description.

  13. Is it just me, I don’t see any preview video. When I went to the website its just a picture that look like a preview video.

  14. I assume this was partly motivated by the desire to eliminate the typo’s wherein they revealed their model’s real names. Dumb Move regardless.

  15. Kind of mixed feeling on this one because all to often the written description are too long and sound like bullshit anyway. That said a short narrative with the sample clip might be good.

  16. He is adorable and several on WayBig brought up how he resembles Glee’s Jacob Artist.

  17. My two cents…I like the new layout, and enjoy there being a preview film (I’m an on and off customer, so it will help me decide to rejoin or not), but I did find the descriptions helpful, especially the solos, as you learned more about the guys, since they have very little of their “interviews” anymore. I bet they quit b/c it must be boring trying to come (cum) up with new copy about fucking every other day:).

  18. The preview clips are long overdue but I do miss the scene descriptions, although perhaps they are somewhat redundant. Still, I like them, especially the comments on the personalities & chemistries, and would prefer they return.
    Another feature I have always wanted is stats or profiles for the models (like Corbin Fisher or Blake Mason).

  19. It’s a stupid move! For istance, let’s pretend I’m a new user of the site, I read Charley & Pavel… my first question is: “Who is Charley? Who is Pavel?”
    In this way how users can know who is who? It’s ridiculous!

  20. If you care who is “charlie” and who is “pavel” and whatever fictionalized background is conjured up to go with the fictional names, then you’re overthinking and forgetting the purpose of porn.

  21. Probably I expressed myself badly: I care who is who to know what other clips the model shot. Before you were able to click on the names and get a list of that performers videos, now no. That’s it!

  22. The preview videos are a very good idea. I’m a member and I still watch the preview. I miss the descriptions. I would very much like a stats page with age height and info like that. I know that info was easily used to I’d the models tho. With very little model bio info I have almost always been able to find them on model mayhem. That’s why I think they have gone silent. The new site is very nice tho I must admit.

  23. So, I emailed them and told them I liked the new design but missed the descriptions. They surprised me by responding a few hours later explaining they decided to replace the descriptions with the video trailers. It’s nice they that responded, but I’d still rather have the descriptions. Oh well, maybe if enough peeps request it, they’ll re-add them.

  24. If they don’t put them back, I’m canceling. I rely on the name links to see the model’s history and it helps me know which models are gay or not. I like to know if the cum was inside or not, sometimes they tell. Saves me time. I don’t watch every video.
    I want them back with more writing. SC don’t be so lazy!

  25. I would think even SC would be stunned at the reaction–and webmasters are also pissed off.

  26. I miss the direct links, but you can still view the model video histories using the search function.

  27. It’s not about caring who they are, but if they are hot, you want to see what else they’ve done and who with.

  28. Yeah, they are back henceforth. Now, will SC go back and update the five that didn’t have descriptions. We were cheated out of learning about Jon and Glenn.
    Going to have to resubscribe now, if the links are restored.

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