***UPDATED*** From Chaos Men “Solomon had been playing on Team Straight” (tips @ Jean-Francois & Zaul)

Solomon’s twitter account is fake. Bryan of Chaos Men confirmed to my friend QMN that Solomon’s twitter account is fake.

In the latest scene of Solomon at Chaos Men, it mentioned “Solomon had been playing on Team Straight full time, but once he worked with Vander, he realized he might actually like dudes too.

Solomon_aspen_chaosmen_01 Solomon_aspen_chaosmen_02

Team Straight? So False!

He is actually gay according to a tweet he sent last April 09, 2013.


42 thoughts on “***UPDATED*** From Chaos Men “Solomon had been playing on Team Straight” (tips @ Jean-Francois & Zaul)

  1. For a gay guy, he sure was pretty fucking stiff from the get-go and for a long time after, and I’m not talking about the good kind of stiff. WTF?
    Truth aside, he sure is a sexy stud, especially in his natural hairy state. No piss play, please.

  2. I followed him for a while now (ever since Denz put his Twitter on). At first, I thought he was just another douche G4P with low IQ but turned out he sounds really sweet and funny. And he also had a very quirky personality. But like von Schlomon said, he was quite stiff in the beginning. So I don’t know if his page is real or not. A verified pic will solved everything.

  3. Just because he was stiff does not mean anything. He probably was nervous being in front of a camera. You all just need to use your heads once in a while.

  4. Look…I don’t work for Chaosmen but from what I know about Bryan he really only does put up there what the models tell him. Now if Aspen or Solomon chooses to go on Twitter and now say he’s gay and its marketing…well, that’s on him and not necessarily on Bryan.
    Remember, the clip was shot in 01/2013 and he may have written the description then.

  5. Being a friend of Solomon’s, and knowing him very well, I will tell you that the Twitter account is NOT him. We have been watching that for awhile now. The pictures on there have been taken from his Facebook account. That twitter account has been causing problems.
    As for his sexuality, Solomon is Bi. He finds men & women attractive.
    As for his looks, we all know he is to die for, but his personality and to know who he really is is what makes him. He is a great guy that has made huge strides in his life to become a better person & make things better for the people around him & that he is close to. If you’re lucky enough to really know him, you will know what an amazing person he is & what he has overcome is amazing.

  6. people should really stop prying into these guys personal lives. Why is this never done to women who do porno–and what woman dosent do girl on girl ? Anyway. Solomon is one good looking guy with maybe if not one of the best bodies and smiles around. Top 3 on that site and im a fan in general. He just needs to relax more if he is going to bottom.

  7. If want to know, just ask. I’m @PushSin on twitter, and I am really who I say I am.

  8. “As for his sexuality, Solomon is Bi. He finds men & women attractive.”
    I find BEAUTIFUL men and BEAUTIFUL women attractive, but I’m only ATTRACTED to men because I’m gay.
    If what you say and what CM says are true,then yeah! He’s bi! But armpit eating? That’s very gay! That’s into sexual raw masculinity!

  9. I really want to believe it, but his scenes say otherwise. He’s come a long way in terms of performance, esp. oral and bottoming, but he has yet to keep a consistent erection.

  10. I know what you’re saying. He does have sex with men & women. CM wasn’t lying to anyone.
    As for the armpit eating, I don’t know a thing about it, but would have to agree. I have one of the videos here, but haven’t watched it. There are just some things about my friends that I don’t want to have burned into my mind. I’ve asked him enough questions about it…

  11. Thanks for the info which I found very helpful. My mind was going TILT! I had been watching the Twitter account in question and even follow it, but I couldn’t reconcile him being totally gay from his videos, which look very much like a str8 guy who is discovering his bi-sexuality, not a gay guy pretending to be str8. I had my doubts about the account, but was confused when I saw the private & candid pics from his phone, so now I know where they came from. People shouldn’t be allowed to represent themselves as someone else like this.

  12. People have died in Boston today and you’re worried about him being called a whore? Someone should piss on your 1000 stars and extinguish them a-hole.

  13. I always find it super weird when someone claims bisexuality and another person says “you’re into [x] that’s pretty straight/gay”. No, they’re a bisexual. They don’t bounce between gay and straight, they are bisexual.

  14. Okay, I didn’t realize that I couldn’t multitask. It was a question. I never said I was worried or pissed off. You can’t care about people as much as you act like you do, especially since you treat a stranger like that. I was not taking it off topic.

  15. You don’t think chics who do porn have their private lives pried into? Dream on! For every 1 guy on the internet drooling over some dude and wanting to know every personal detail there’s 10 more drooling over some chic thinking the same thing.

  16. I just assume that all models from CM, SC, CF, RB etc are str8(that IS their business model, convincing str8 boys to do gay things) so I’m happily surprised with I find out they are gay! 🙂
    I would love for a site/company to do “Gold Star” gay models only!

  17. It’s just that that’s like the height of gay SEXUAL attraction,you know? Not just into the men physically,but his sweat,smells and body hair. It’s raw maleness. Animalistic sex!
    Could a bi guy be into another men sexually like that? Into him from head to toe,armpits,hairy chests,hairy butts,hair legs and arms,facial hairs,nipples,body sweat,scent…all the parts that distinguish a man from a woman?
    I have watched Rocco Reed’s scenes he doesn’t appear to be into men sexually like that. Rocco is more safe : kissing,dick sucking,ass fucking. In his scene The Affair,he did “worship” the guys body. But it was very safe,very light. Gentle. He barely kissed the guy’s nipple. I have never seen him suck or play with another man’s nipples in his scenes. And there’s has never been any armpit eating in his scenes!
    Okay! I’m sure not all gays are into pits! Just like not all gays are into anal.
    I guess it’s possible to also be into women(fully) and into a “cavemen” – if you know what I mean.

  18. Wow I was thinking the exact same thing about a gold star gay themed site! Now that I would LOVE to watch. It would be my ideal scenario and maybe something a little more real. Sadly though, I have to wonder just how well it would do, with so many people being obsessed with the G4P troupe and all.

  19. “Gold Star Gay” is slang for a gay man who has never had sex with a woman and has no desire to.

  20. That would be great. But I hope they won’t have large tattoos or body piercings and weird hairstyles and shaved/waxed bodies.
    And also no FAKE STRAIGHT ACTING sh*t like men.com and Randy Blue. You know? No “HEEYY MAANNN…WASSUP BRO..
    Sooo fake!!!!
    Just natural looking and acting gay guys having hot,naughty,sexy,sweaty sex.

  21. Yes that would be precisely the point. I think it’s an ideal concept (at least for me), but isn’t it ironic how this concept actually seems strange and far-fetched in gay porn nowadays?

  22. Better question: Why are you and your alter ego OMG such a$$holes? Just two cheeks on the same butt!

  23. I talk with him on twitter. He is not bisexual. He is not straight. He’s gay!

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