Terry Torson of William Higgins is also known as Juliano of Big Daddy

He was given the name Terry Torson by William Higgins when his massaged scene was released last March 24, 2013.

Terry_torson_williamhiggins_1 Terry_torson_williamhiggins_2 
Terry_torson_williamhiggins_3 Terry_torson_williamhiggins_4 

He was given the name Juliano (Mendes) by Big Daddy when his three scenes were released last week, one of them had him on a massage table and the other one as a bottom to big dicked Caleb Moreton.


UPDATE He also appeared at Czech Hunter, no. 84 [tip @ James]


7 thoughts on “Terry Torson of William Higgins is also known as Juliano of Big Daddy

  1. Truly a stunning man. Let’s hope we can keep him for a while before the modeling agencies snap him up.

  2. Juliano is a beautiful guy. If he got fucked by Caleb Moreton he must have a high tolerance for pain. That monster cock must hurt, at least in the beginning, until you relax and your ass opens up a lot.

  3. I think this guy is hot and very sexy. His versatility is a bonus. There is an upcoming scene at WH where he fucks Ivo Kerk.

  4. And he is also at last week’s update at gaywargames. Apparently this guy needed money real fast or just likes having gay sex in front of the camera.

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