The bottom in Will Helm, Levi Karter and Christian Wilde

WILL HELM Not his first time, but his latest scene released had him in a flip fuck with Edji Da Silva at Lucas Entertainment. Will is the lover of Kriss Ashton.


LEVI KARTER It's his first scene released after it was announced by Cocky Boys that Levi Karter is their exclusive model. Levi is the boyfriend of Evan Parker.


CHRITIAN WILDE It was finally revealed by Naked Sword that Christian Wilde's first time as a bottom was with Austin Wilde.


5 thoughts on “The bottom in Will Helm, Levi Karter and Christian Wilde

  1. i’m pretty sure christian bottomed for one of the many low budget sites he has worked for over these long years.

  2. Yeah, Christian has never bottomed on film.
    It’s so hot that they chose Austin Wilde to fuck his ass for the first time! And not some lame ass flat dick.

  3. It seem as dough Will-Helm has lost muscle mass he use to be bigger than that with lotts more muscle.He now look more lean and less muscler not that’s their any thing wrong with that at all.Still he is a handsome guy and a real gay-porn star and not a G4per like some guys including Christian-Wilde.Who is married to a bitch and is not gay and only gay for pay a real leech who is using gay men for money who hope to cross-over into str8-porn as soon as he get the chance? Like all the other G4pers who have left gay-porn for str8.

  4. I am a man, gay. I love men, I’m attracted to men like me. I do not like straightacts gay for money. they have no idea what it means to be gay sometimes. I am happy that I have never paid for their movies. I do not respect these people, I prefer real actors gay, gay like me, a gay man. And I thank you that you write the list of porn actors gay for pay. not excited to see the fake gay…

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