An alternative to Maskurbate – Masquerade Men? (tip @ Zaul)

Maskurbate was the first gay porn site that I've seen that had men wear masks. But, it hasn't been updated for a long time. And, most of its scenes were solos or just getting sucked by the owner. Masquerade Men is doing more – more men having sex with other men (not the owner) and sometimes with women.


The site is somewhat new (first tweet last June 2012) since Lance of Sean Cody is one of their models, who had scenes released outside SC just last year.


Unfortunately, it seems the site has not been consistent with its updates, just by reading the tweets.

8 thoughts on “An alternative to Maskurbate – Masquerade Men? (tip @ Zaul)

  1. What a strange fetish. I think a man’s face is even more important than his body. But I’m not judging, we all have our little kinks, haven’t we.

  2. He also has a scene with a woman there!
    Here’s the description of the scene:
    We ask our straight guys to push past their initial comfort zones regarding sex with their fellow male performers as much as possible here at MasqueradeMen, so it seems only fair to ask the same of our gay guys too right? Lance was game to give Vanessa a try, and he surprised us, her, and even himself with his enthusiasm! When finished though he confessed that while Vanessa gave a great blow job, he still enjoyed his time with a man more. Just goes to prove you are what you are no matter what you do… 😉

  3. I agree, i never understood the fetish. Maybe goes back to the days where men were so closeted the did not want their face shown? I wonder if there are burka fetishes with middle eastern men? Any way, i think a guys face is one of the most attractive feature. So i don’t expect to ever be a customer of that website. Too bad because some of the guys look like they might be cute.

  4. Lance! What a lying S.O.B. that fool has been all over the internet with difference gay porn companies.Having sex with bitches at Divine-Bitches and even Straight-Fratnerity as well having sex with bitches and claiming to be str8 g4per and now he claiming to be gay? Will liars never cease!He has never claim to be gay until now and I don’t believe him this is just another scam on his part to fool his gay fan base and I am not buying it either.Now that he is working for this new porn site call Masquerade Men all of a sudden he is gay and no longer str8 but still having sex with those bitches I don’t like porn stars who tell lies from one porn site to another.Nor do I like those who play stupid mind games either end of story.

  5. Old question- does anyone know when Masquerade Men went out of business? I can’t find their website, and I think they were only around from Nov 2013 to May 2015.

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