Barebacking Jarek, Connor & Skyler Daniels

SEAN CODY This would not have been a hot three way if it weren't for Jarek. The much bigger and very hairy Jarek got fucked again in his scene with Taylor and Brent.

Babrebacked_jess_seancody_02 Babrebacked_jess_seancody_03 

CORBIN FISHER I think I am one of the few guys who finds Dixon very hot and sexy. He was barebacked by one of the most loved CF models, Connor.


BROKE STRAIGHT GUYS Can Broke Straight Guys compete with SC and CF with their version of bareback? It had Skyler Daniels bottom for Adam Baer.


19 thoughts on “Barebacking Jarek, Connor & Skyler Daniels

  1. SC 3-some is a failure. Jarek rose to the occasion but the other 2 have the most annoying personality particularly Brent.

  2. I’m with you Admin, I also find Dixon pretty hot, can’t wait to watch this scene, I love seeing him bottoming

  3. I agree, Jarek makes the scene, and is always a pleasure, but the other two models are annoying, esp. Brent. This was not worth watching them go though the gymnastics and bad moaning.

  4. Broke Straight Boys fails on so many levels i stopped subcribing years ago. The guys are attractive for the most part, but so badly directed mno amount of bareback can makeup for lacluster performances. As i have written before, gay porn has rarely been filmed well, because of so many factors…and some studios constantly fail, and BSB is one of them.

  5. Hi DENZ….YOU are not alone since I too am a big-Fan of CF-Dixon. Love his dark-sun-baked skin tone.
    This Corbie won my heart when he was the first to do an ANAL fuck with Tiffany @ ACS back in July 2012.
    Thanks for spot-lighting another CF Stud. 🙂 🙂

  6. I too find Dixon hot. What could have made it better would have been if it had been a flip flop. Would love to see Dixon bang Connor (& Dawson too, cum to think about it!!)
    Speaking of CF, I guess those recent pics of Lucas in LV with the guys was just a tease, doesn’t look as if we’ll get any new Lucas scenes, though “they” said we were gong to get some.
    I like SC’s Jarek. I’d like to see a Jarek/Landon/Liev (or Aidan or Troy or Dennis) 3 way where everyone bottoms

  7. I couldn’t agree more! While most of their models are to skinny and twinky, I do find some of the beefier ones kinda hot. The whole concept and resuling production is a total turn off. In addition some of the models attitudes and the
    “interviews” are offensive.

  8. Dixon is BEAUTIFUL! I agree with Russ that seeing Dixon on top of Connor would have been the icing on the cake.

  9. I agree. I’ve always liked Dixon but I liked him even more when he stopped that fake tanning. And, yes, you are right. This would have been even hotter if it were a flip-flop which I thought it was going to be when I first saw it.
    As for SC’s three-way, I was happy to see Jarek bottom again but Taylor would have been my last choice to top him. Someone else should have done it.

  10. I like Brent but I think that Taylor is becoming like the second Jeffrey was: arrogant over the fact that they’re not bottoming. I hope that if SC decides to make Brandon bottom that Taylor is not the one to do the honors. I’ll take Jarek and, much as I can’t really stand him, Jess.

  11. Dixon’s one of the hottest guys on the site, IMHO! So nice to see a guy with a little color. And he does everything too!
    CF actually has a pretty good line-up now. Lots of reliable, hot performers.

  12. What I wanna know is what the hell happened to Ashton? Chase and Coleman are on entrance page? Any more from them? Calvin would be too much to ask for I suppose.

  13. Ok I see now why some people don’t like the signs. Some of them can be obnoxious and offensive.

  14. “CF actually has a pretty good line-up now.” Wholeheartedly agree. Kellan, Trenton, and Brayden come to mind, plus we’re still seeing some of the reliable vets continue to do their thing, and do it oh so well.

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