Still hot or not? Tripp, Chip Tanner & Jimmy Clay

Three guys who have done solos elsewhere are back again with another solo for another porn company.

TRIPP He had a solo released by Fratmen just last February 2013. Tripp is now the new guy at Dirty Tony.


CHIP TANNER He was introduced by Randy Blue last February 2010 and his last scene released was last May 2012. This coming May 20, 2013, his solo will be released by Next Door Male.


JIMMY CLAY He was last associated with Next Door and Dylan Lucas. He will soon be introduced by the twink site Helix Studios, who is adding more muscle to its line up, the last one was Connor Maguire.


23 thoughts on “Still hot or not? Tripp, Chip Tanner & Jimmy Clay

  1. Didn’t quite get enough of Chip so I’m glad he’s back. Hope he does more duos. Jimmy is hot as always 🙂
    Tripp….looks odd :/

  2. Trip : cute, sexy in his own way
    Chip: meh, not for me
    Jimmy: hot, blazing hot. One of the best performers out there! He has aged well. 🙂

  3. I would follow Jimmy Clay anywhere, but Helix? WTF? Jimmy has so much charisma, I’m surprised he hasn’t started his own website. Altho he doesn’t strike me as being entrepreneurial, I would sign up immediately. Him being at Helix doesn’t sound like he’ll be bottoming much there, which is very disappointing.

  4. The first dude is not it. Pass.
    Chip better bottom only period. No point in watching him do a solo at this point–honestly who uses him for his penis. Look at the flexibility deff a fan hes gotta bottom.
    Jimmy is still hot. Hes gotta bottom. I love bottoms.

  5. Tripp, he’s a cutie in a corky kinda way.
    Chris pretty hunky.
    But ultimate hottie totally gotta be Jimmy 😀

  6. Chip is a ridiculously talented gymnast, juggler, and comic who always makes me laugh. I definitely get that his mania annoys the heck out of some people but I enjoy watching him bouncing off the walls. His butt belongs on a Greek statue, so hell-to-the-yes to Chip forever. He’s in my hall of fame.
    Jimmy Clay is still looking nice. At times he’s downright handsome. Tripp might do better if he were being compared to two others but in this company he doesn’t have the same level of charisma as the other two.

  7. I will always love that flexible Jamie aka Chip Tanner. The same can be said for Jimmy whom, while he had to grow on me, I can’t stand NOT seeing on the net. Hear that, Jimmy? You need to work more so that I can enjoy.
    Never heard of Tripp but, then again, the only Fratmen models that excited me are the following: the twins Ajay and Micky, whatever Luca and Liam Rosso’s names were when they were there, Clayton, Jayden and a few others.

  8. You can find him on YouTube under “Jamie Stroud”. He’s so silly that makes me laugh. He still has that bubbly personality that he had while with RB.

  9. LOL. I don’t know who you are thinking about but Chip is NOT gay for pay. He’s always been out.

  10. I like Jimmy but charisma….uhm no. He has a laid back stoned skater personality but no charismatic by any means.

  11. He’s G4P, he says so in live performances on flirt4free. He’s extremely flamboyant acting, but jerks off to straight porn in his live shows and is adamant about his status as a gay 4 pay porn star, so the better question is who are you thinking about?

  12. g4p automatically means “homophobic” to you the same way your comments automatically mean “stupid” to me. 🙂

  13. aged well? i don’t think he has even gone past his mid-20s. xD but, yeah, he’s definitely hot.

  14. I love Jimmy Clay. If he is indeed straight, then he’s a shining example of how straight boys should be if they’re doing gay porn. Excellent performer. 🙂

  15. I’d even go so far as to say that his performance can put some of the actual gay men in gay porn to shame.

  16. Chip Tanner should keep doing youtube videos, he’s great at it.
    JIMMY CLAY Fuck yeah he’s too hot and loves getting fucked so much , can’t get enough of him! Sadly that Helix studios thing is probably gonna suck because I hate twinks and since they are all nelly skinny bitches, he’s most likely going to top only, which sucks.

  17. All three PLEASE!
    Always loved Jimmy….GO BUDDDY!
    Chip…in addition to that ridiculously hot uncut tubesteak and that PHAT ASS (!!!) everyone’s right…this kid has a wicked sense of ironic humor and is IMMENSELY talented as a gymnast. One wonders if he didn’t get all YouTube-y nuts and porn-like, would he be in a Cirque Du Soleil show????? Probably.
    Tripp – something insanely hot and “blue collar” about him….take me to your double wide in your pickup truck, bubba!

  18. Something about Tripp’s face seems really innocent and naive and sweet. I would pound him into blissful oblivion. I’ll pass on Chip & Jimmy.

  19. I always loved Jimmy Clay from the start and still do. I always thought he was straight since the beginning. But some where down the line I thought he was gay and in a relationship with Brady Jensen but Brady turned out to be straight, so who knows

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