Is Ryan of CF also Daxter of BSB? (tip @ Flygal)

Ryan was introduced by Corbin Fisher last Feb. 2004 and his last scene was released last Jan. 2005.


Daxter [preview videos] of Broke Straight Boys, on the other hand, was introduced in 2007.


Are they the same guy? According to Flygal, the moles do match. She also noticed the same jack of technique and curve of the dick.


11 thoughts on “Is Ryan of CF also Daxter of BSB? (tip @ Flygal)

  1. “SHARP EYE – FlyGal”!!….I think you should work for the FBI, CIA or Scotland-Yard. 🙂 🙂

  2. That FlyGal NEVER ceases to amaze me! She needs to either be a P.I or a C.S.I.

  3. this was some unknown porn star 7 years ago. who cares?
    what’s he doing today? that would be more interesting.

  4. Off subject but it seems within the last day or so Evan Parker of and Levi Karter of are no longer boyfriends. I guess they both could not handle the other having sex with other hot guys. At least it was done quietly and no twitter meltdown. It seems that Levi now has the hots for Hayden Lourd because they can’t stop flirting with each other on twitter. I guess the scene they did together triggered some sparks. Unfortunately if they do get together it will not last either. Most of the relationships don’t. So sad but so true.

  5. He was in iT according to CF so probably something related to that. If I knew his real name I’d probably be able to find anything and everything or even just a first name and location. As for jj you bet your ass I’m still around 🙂

  6. Ryan…..a porn star???? You have got to be kidding. The guy is butt ugly. Sort of slag you’d run a million miles from if you met him in the street or bar.What’s got wrong at Corbin Fisher to use such a guy, their standards have lowered to include him. Normally their guys are at least personable.

  7. You must have missed the part where he said Ryan worked almost a DECADE ago! LOL

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