Paul Walker before MEN

I thought Paul Walker joined gay porn due to his BFF Paddy O'Brian. Thanks to a comment I read at QMN, Paul was the first to work in gay porn and not the other way around.

In 2009, Paul Walker had a solo released by Bad Puppy.

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Correctly me if I am wrong but it was only last October 2010 that Paddy was introduced via English Lads. A few months before that, Blake Mason had two scenes [gallery 01] of Paul released (April 2010).


Paul's gay porn career did skyrocket in 2012 due to his association with Paddy. He is currently an exclusive of MEN.



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9 thoughts on “Paul Walker before MEN

  1. Not a fan of G4pers Paul-Walker and Paddy-0-Brian and his little blue erection pill? I feel gay-porn would be a whole lot better off with-out them in it.And yes Yeltin is str8 and not gay ! No surprize their then again that’s besides the point I’m trying to make gay-porn biz can do better than this but that’s not going to happen.As long as greedy porn producers want to increase the size of their bank-accounts by hiring str8-g4pers to do gay-porn work.And not real gay men by paying them less and g4pers more and you wonder why so many real gay-porn stars are leaving the gay-porn industry.I also found out Paul-W does escort work in London for ladies only? But I have not found any evidence that Paddy-B does any escort work at all.But he and Paul-W do work for a stripper agency that carter to women only call Party-Strippers were they show up naked with Aprons on and some time off end of story.

  2. I don’t care if they’re Gay, Straight or have close relationships with their Cats or Dogs. Most people will never have anything at all to do with them. Paul and Paddy most likely wouldn’t want anyting to do with them (the audience) either. They’re putting it out and about for all the look at and admire. If you don’t like them – don’t look at them. As for this Gay for Pay carry on. An actor doesn’t have to be a murderer to play one. Porn is just another form of showbiz. Sex is Sex at then end of the day.

  3. He can’t be completely str8. I’ve watched his scenes, he is either a very good actor or he loves fucking the dudes. I believe in the latter, he is such a hot performer.

  4. I’ve already lost interest Paddy O’Brian after he claimed he’s totally st8 guy 4 pay gay that I’m disgusting those shits. But I like Paul, he seems a nice guy. What a F word! What’s BFF?? Best f***k friend? or Beware of Friends, like Paddy O’Brian???

  5. Oh wow… I thought Paddy was G4P, also…lol Who knew! He’s had so many name varients, who knows when he really started lol Paddy/Patrick O’Brian/O’Brien/Obrien

  6. Just read you comment and I don’t know what BFF means either. One interesting point though is that Paddy and Paul are in fact half-brothers (as far as I have been able to confirm) which makes the fact that Paddy has fucked Paul rather interesting!
    As regards that particular scene, I think Paul’s hesitancy at taking Paddy’s dick in his arse was due to him being an anal virgin more that Paddy’s dick is the biggest he had taken at that time.

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