Real or fake?

The relationship between Phillip Aubrey & AlesssandroXXX
A few weeks ago, I got mentioned in some of the tweets sent by AlesssandroXXX. When I read his profile, it mentioned he was straight and was in a relationship with Phillip Aubrey.


There were no photos of Phillip and AllessandroXXX together.


Then, Steve, via email, informed me that the two were not together anymore. The break-up was tweeted by Allessandro last May 08, 2013. His new profile did not include Phillip anymore.


Also, a link was shared by Sexy_Seth to a site about strippers and gigolos that had Alessandro King named Giovanni Galeano.


Even a few of the commenters of QMN doubted the relationship.

Real relationship or fake?

Aron Matthews, the massuer.

He did solos in gay porn and action in str8 porn. He was even included in the movie made for TV, UFO Invasion.


There is an AD at Massuer Finder (shared by Bdube) with the name Eric. The photos used were of Aron Matthews.


Real ad of Matthew or fake?

3 thoughts on “Real or fake?

  1. When it was said that he was str8 with a gay boyfriend I suspect it was fake right away.No str8 is going to come out and admit he has a gay lover because it would be false any way a girlfriend but not a bofriend that for sure? I figured some one was tellin a lie about Phillip-Aubrey and Alessandro-King so I wenth to his escort agency and saw that he is str8 and like trannies and females only no mens.Some one just made that fake twitter account for Alessandro-K saying he and Phillip-A were lover all while claiming he was str8 with a gay lover.It’s clear now he and P.A were never lovers at all and that masseur account for Aron-Matthrew is fake as well some one with too much time on their hands are creating these accounts to stir up trouble are conversation no less I wouldn;t put too much credibility into these false or fake account unless they are confirm by the persons themselves.It seem by Phillip-Aubrey twitter that he is moving away from porn for now and headed in a new direction with his life that don’t involve gay-porn in the far seeable future Neverthe less I widh him well with his new life choice to return to school and make some better out of his life.

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