Devin Moss back with using a condom, Paul Walker outside MEN, and two in row for Gino Mosca

DEVIN MOSS Just last February, his first bareback scene at Tim Tales was released. His latest scene this week had him wear a condom at Dirty Boy Video [info].


PAUL WALKER This blurs the line on the meaning of exclusive. Paul Walker is currently an exclusive of MEN. In fact, a scene of him was released today. But, a scene of him was also released yesterday by Lucas Entertainement. I’m guessing, Paul filmed his scene with Logan Rogue before he became an exclusive.


GINO MOSCA Two scenes in a row of Gino Mosca were released by Belami Online. Unlike his scene partners, Ariel Vanean and Adam Archuleta, Gino still does not have a profile at Belami Models.


8 thoughts on “Devin Moss back with using a condom, Paul Walker outside MEN, and two in row for Gino Mosca

  1. Always had a thing for Devin Moss. Love when he works that big ol’tool in a tight hole, but he’s a great bottom!

  2. Gino Mosca had two scenes released last month with Adam Archuleta as a bottom and top on Now he did a third scene with Adam for Belami. Makes one wonder if him and Adman have a thing for each other but Belami is known for the same guys hooking up over and over again. Kevin Warhol and all the kinky angels have hooked up numerous times. I have to say though when you look as good as those boys do it is understandable why they hook up so much.

  3. Devin M. and his “10” Salami”. Thank goodness Trojan Condoms makes the MAGNUM’s in XL. LOL!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Unfortunately God didn’t make everyone’s hole “Magnum XL” sized.
    I’m willing to make it fit in Devin’s case.
    Oh….who am I kidding? I’m a world swallowing bottom…my hole IS Magnum XXL sized.

  5. Uh… Denz? Dio on Way Big pointed out that Gino had been with Bel Ami before under the name “Alf Luganis”. I Googled it and it is indeed true. Dio also said that Gino had a sex scene with a blond model (he bottomed) but I never found it. Duroy makes it hard to find a lot of his older material now.

  6. Devin M. Is just not appealing–I’m sorry but ya can’t just have a nice big dick–The guy attached to it has to be appealing, too…Unless you’re an anything-goes bottom.

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