The model in Adrian of Sean Cody

It was this month that Sean Cody introduced Adrian. Last week, his first bareback scene was released.


He was already on Model Mayhem before his work at Sean Cody were released.

Adrian_seancody_model_02 Adrian_seancody_model_03 
photos @ Dark Light Photography & Patrick Mark Images

2012 (photo by Get Shot) VS 2013 (Sean Cody)

Then_now_adrian_seancody_02 Then_now_adrian_seancody_01 

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12 thoughts on “The model in Adrian of Sean Cody

  1. “Straight” guys don’t get fucked bareback and bred–twice–on camera by an openly gay model (Taylor).

  2. Finally, someone who actually could do modeling. Usually in this series “the model in..” guys do portfolios that aren’t really suited for it. In this case, Adrian is.

  3. Yeah unlike other guys from Sean Cody who did some “modeling”, Adrian actually has the look of a real model. Still, I prefer him in porn and not in fashion 🙂

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