The model in Jed Atkinson of RB (tip @ Friend)

Jed Atkinson was the new guy introduced last week by Randy Blue.


He already had a Model Mayhem profile, which he created last year, May 2012.

CREDITS Clicking each image above takes you to the page of the photographer.

I'm curios if Randy Blue or talent agencies scour Model Mayhem to convince these wannabee models to do gay porn.

Jed_atkinsons_randyblue_model_08 Jed_atkinsons_randyblue_model_07 
Jed did not give credits on the photos on the left, right photos from Randy Blue

Please avoid including a link and his non porn name in the comment section to avoid seach engines, such as Google, to include this post when someone searches for his non porn name. Thank you for your understanding.

7 thoughts on “The model in Jed Atkinson of RB (tip @ Friend)

  1. Corbin Fisher used to recruit from Myspace. These days sites like these probably don’t need to do that. More likely the model shoots were a seque. I noticed that Chris Rockaway has been shot by the same photographer–perhaps they trade referrals with RB.

  2. It’s interesting that nowadays everybody seems to be a model.
    In my opinion this guy is not handsome enough to be model. He’s got an average face, weird looking ears but a nice toned torso (and an ok dick).
    Whay do you think ?

  3. No. That photographer actually does not work with RB. He is in Atlanta, I know this because I’ve shot with him three times and he is a close personal friend of mine.
    For the shots with Chris Rockway and Resse Rideout, and was supposed to be Derek Atlas (but he has had to postpone), the photographer has a “client” who emails him the info and the model’s name. He sends the money via paypal to the photographer to pay the model and the photographer. Then the Photographer lines everything up and does the shoot per the “client’s” request.
    All of this is done by email. The photographer has never talked on the phone to the “client” or met him personally. The “client” decides which “men” to use for the shoots and what he wants the “men” to shoot.
    The photographer also shoots other models locally that are NOT set up by the “client.”
    Sounds weird, I know, but as I stated I know this photographer personally.

  4. Having my own MM page…..yes, we do get recruited to do porn or Adult Work.
    Some guys have it on their page that they are NOT interested in doing Adult Work and not to have them contacted regarding that.
    And MM is trying to “crack down” on people “cruising” the site to set up Adult Work for other companies.

  5. “SORRY – Jed”!!,…but I would have to AGREE with Daniel on this one. 🙁 🙁

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