Then and now on Jack Griffin

Jack Griffin's gay porn career started at College Dudes, where he was introduced last November 2008. He had more than 15 scenes and, if my count was correct, he got fucked three times. His last scene was released last February 2011.


He is now the new guy at Chaos Men, using the same name.




14 thoughts on “Then and now on Jack Griffin

  1. Now is much hotter….Let’s hope Bry gets him back for some raw action!

  2. It was mentioned on broke straight boys once that Jack had got out of shape and had other influences keeping him from continuing in porn and screwing with his personal life. Hopefully he has resolved those issues going forward. BTW Bryan has already mentioned that he will be doing a “hot” oral scene next week so there is at least some action with another guy in his near future.

  3. Jack is hot in his CD24 days, and now looks even hotter. Looking forward to seeing him at Chaos.

  4. I LOVE Jack! So happy to see him back in porn!!! I certainly hope Chaos makes use of him.

  5. He was a great performer at CollegeDudes, I really hope he does well in ChaosMen.

  6. H a love it. Guy is sexy. But prefer him as a bottom as i do eevry guy.

  7. He was my absolute favorite performer from CD and I’ve always wanted him back. And now he will most likely have some hot gay bb action!! I cant wait 🙂

  8. Jack is doing fine, he is still in great physical shape and is the greatest friend to have around 🙂 He currently lives in NC

  9. lol “other influences keeping him from continuing in porn and screwing with his personal life.” like porn doesn’t do a great job of that already?

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