Was Men blindsided by Rocco Reed’s retirement? (updated)

I thought the biggest news this week on Rocco Reed was the release of his orgy scene with 4 black men from Men inside a prison.


It was not. It was the announcement of his retirement posted by AVN, where he also mentioned he was still straight. He didn't want to leave gay porn with a cloud of doubt about his sexuality.


Did the announcement of his retirement blindsided MEN? On the same day as the AVN article was published online, QMN posted the rules of the third script writing contest sponsored by MEN. It must have Rocco Reed.


UPDATE Probably just a miscommunication between MEN & QMN?


30 thoughts on “Was Men blindsided by Rocco Reed’s retirement? (updated)

  1. After the gangbang by a bunch of black cocks, maybe he retired because he thought the next script would be him getting double fucked or even fisted!!

  2. He was boring, had no charisma, and could not even stay hard in his performances..He won’t be missed.

  3. Well, I guess they didn’t meet his payment demands for his final scene. 😀 oh well.
    Good riddance.

  4. Yeah I Agree, It would be hot to see a “straight” actor actually enjoying himself in these scenes, but if you can remember the set design in a porno, odds are, it’s not really worth the watch. At least he moaned in this last scene… haha, oh well I was hoping to see more of him, and to be fair, men’s roster of “stars” are all completely yawn worthy, and why the fuck cant Rocco Reed bend his legs when he’s getting fucked missionary?

  5. I love how he just HAD to mention that he was never gay. Yeah, thank you Captain Obvious! Your limp ass dick pretty much proved that point.
    It’s like a sportscaster saying that in order to win, the team has to score. DERP!

  6. Rocco’s kind of cute, but he didn’t have a fantastic cock, his body could’ve been more toned and he couldn’t stay hard while bottoming. I admit I did like watching him getting fucked, but he didn’t seem that into it. Not much of a loss for the industry.

  7. Rocco-Reed just another example of a G4per liar and fraud? Rocco seem to be following a pattern with G4per porn stars who have done gay-porn by telling stupid self hating gay fags whatever they want hear in order to make money off of them then at the end of their gay-porn retirement.Then reveal the truth that they were never gay at all it was just a lies? You could have fool me but you didn’t ass-hole! I can’t say I’m sorry to see you go just let the door hit your loser ass on the way out that door? Your just like all the other G4per players who use gay men to make money and then leave them with a lie about your sexulity by the way thanks! for clearing that up in your AVN statement.You made that very clear that you were not and never has been gay? Why didn’t you tell us that while you allow false and misleading impressions about your sexuality to by circulated all over the gay-porn blogger sphere because you wanted to make money off of stupid G4pers crazy obsess gay-porn fan base who want to believe str8 guys like you or going to fall in love with them and be cured of your atraction to bitches.But that is never going to happen as long as the gay-porn industry keep selling this sick obsession with G4pers doing gay-porn.If they can continue to find [ Fuck-up G4pers ] who are willing to let the gayporn industry and gay-porn producers expliot them in order to make money? It’s not only the gay-porn industry fault but also gay-porn consumers who buy into this lie and fraud that keep this G4per bull shit going it will only end when gay men come to their sense’s and stop buying into this sick and crazy obsession with G4pers in gay-porn and start supporting real gay-porn stars doing gay-porn again amen to that? Otherwise we will continue to see the down fall of the gay-porn industry and their failure to support the gay communty that keep them in business? But they don’t seem to get that at all or even care! they rather continue to feed this disgusting bad habit of using G4pers satisfy their self hating gay fan base as long as it put more money into their bank accounts and make them rich at the same time.The gay-porn industry producers have no respect for the gay community or for real gay-porn stars and those who support and love them.End of story

  8. NOt a shock at all. If nothing else,his limp dick in all of his scenes should have been a turn off.
    Nothing but another gay4payer who took advantage of the fact gay men are obessed with straight men and played them for fools.

  9. so he was not and never has been gay. he’s just got a lot of cock shoved up his ass and liked it jsut like all of those other i’m not gay and never was guys.
    should we start the countdown clock for his comeback? he’s never going to get another job outside of porn doing anything.

  10. Maybe he has decided to leave because he has finally realized that people are about as excited to watch his insanely boring scenes, as he was while filming them.
    Still, I must say that he should be given credit for taking sleep-inducing porn to new comatose lows. Even that lifeless piece of wood Ken Ryker looked more involved and enthusiastic during his narcoleptic “performances” than Rocco ever did while trying to stay awake on set by thinking about his cheques.
    As for his comment about his sexuality… Is anyone really surprised? How many of these actors feel the need to highlight how they are not like us when they leave gay porn? We should be grateful he hasn’t denounced us as sinners and told us to turn to God. Boring, lazy and crusty guy: great combination! I hope his fans are happy.

  11. Dingdong: Gay porn does not make performers rich. Don’t think you have any clue how little gay porn models get paid these days. Many do escorting or have a regular job.
    The downfall of the gay porn industry has nothing to do with G4P performers. The real causes are 1. piracy, 2. free gay porn on the internet, 3. too many gay porn studios that compete for the wallet of the gay porn consumer. Ever noticed that the most succesfull studios of today (CF, SC and BA) have many (the most?) G4P performers?
    There are many G4P models that perform so convincingly in front of the camera that you hardly would tell that they are straight. I’m OK with G4P models in gay porn as long as they convincingly perform in front of the camera and have decent looks. Where I draw the line is when G4P models clearly look down upon gay men and openly despise them. Is the fact that Rocco Reed emphasizes in his AVN statement that he is straight an example of looking down upon gay men? Maybe it is borderline.
    What you are hinting at sounds to me as some kind of apartheid. Don’t know if that is the way forward. And NO, I’m not a self hating faggot.

  12. He’s done LOTS of straight scenes. I wouldn’t call a guy who’s been fucking women for that long, despite having sex with guys for six months, necessarily gay. He’s straight and there’s nothing wrong with that. He was curious and he lived his fantasy, and he realizes now he’s more straight than gay. He was making a clarification, not putting down the gays. You people need to lighten up.

  13. There’s plenty of gay4payers who I happen to enjoy-Connor from CF, for instance–That guy gives his performances 110%–Where i take issue is with gay4payers (like Rocco Reed) who express their disdain for their consumers off (and on) camera–With their frequent professing how “not gay” they are (Who are you trying to convince–yourself?)And their “my shit don’t stink” rules and limitations (they will take it up the ass but heavens forbid that they kiss their scene partner on the lips because that is TOO gay).
    And when they are not on in the blogsphere bragging about how “not-gay” they are, they are infront of the camera disengaged and half-asleep as if they drank Nyquil. Rocco reed was one of those. And it’s even more shameful that he was able to film as many scenes as he did, before subscribers demanded he be fired for his lack of enthusiasm.
    It really speaks to the tolerance of the gay audience. And the man was not even cute so you cannot claim you put up with him on that shallow basis.

  14. saw his scene with the 4 black guys. it was BORING. the guy that hired him in the 1st place should be fired.

  15. Thats kinda why I have respect for Austin Wilde (even though he’s kind of a prick)..He quit NDS because as a gay man, he refuses to do more scenes with a gay4payer who thinks they’re too good to touch his cock….

  16. I just saw an interview on YouTube where Rocco Reed asserted that he IS bisexual, and that he HAS messed around with men off-camera (ya know, for FREE)—So, was he lying then or is he lying now?

  17. On his MySpace profile,he listed himself as straight.
    His profile on Babes.com also lists him as straight.
    In Rocco’s first interview,with men,he said he was “somewhere in the middle”. He didn’t say he was gay nor straight. He added of course he’s “not completely straight because that would be a silly thing to say”.
    He repeated that “somewhere in the middle” answer in his MEN.com interview with Johnny Rapid.
    But of course for me,I want to know why,WHY he felt the need to assert that he was not and never have been gay. He has never – at least publicly – said he was gay. So does he have to say that he isn’t? I mean,with the amount of straight porn scenes he has done(either over 800+ or over 1000+) with the…what? Two dozen? Just over two dozen gay scenes he has done,anyone who knows Rocco Reed the porn should logically think he is bisexual or a bisexual who is mostly straight,especially when looking at the amount of straight porn he had done.
    People’s sexual orientation shouldn’t matter,but the fact that Rocco Reed has to say that he is not and never has been gay just shows you that being gay or being seen as gay is still not good in some or many or every way,shape or form. In other words,society is still very homophobic.
    Oh! Another thing. I’m disappointed that Rocco had to say that in his statement,BUT he never said he was straight either.

  18. “somewhere in the middle” = Bisexual..DERP
    If I told you that Black paint +White paint makes gray, you’d probably correct me and tell me it’s “somewhere in the middle”…..

  19. Yes,you could say bisexual. But I think a lot of these people who are PART bisexual just go with the straight label because….you know? It ain’t cool to be gay. It ain’t cool for people to know that you have a thing for guys JUST sexually. I think according to the Kinsey studies,a lot of “straight” people have a bit of bisexuality in them,sexually. I think Rocco is one of them. You also have to remember that he said that he was not attracted to men romantically in the Johnny Rapid interview. So based on that,he’s not a full bisexual. I think this is why many men and women who are a bit bisexual won’t label themselves bisexual because they won’t have a relationship with the same sex.
    We still live in a homophobic world. Hence,the I am not gay point. But that could also stem from this jack ass called Rob Black/Zicari who said that Rocco was gay in his podcast.
    Rocco Reed is very much like a young straight guy. Into the ladies(even though his engaged to a woman),into sports. His Crossfit male friends seem to be the types who are the suburban,married,straight proud fathers,all very much into fitness and Crossfit. And seeing that he’s leaving LA for North Carolina,it seems like he wants to get away from the porn world and start afresh and have a suburban,middle class,family oriented lifestyle.
    If you look at his Rocco Reed twitter account,you will see some of people people are non-porn people from Crossfit. So I’m sure at least some Crossfit people know that he did porn. But I wonder whether they know that he also did GAY porn?
    Rocco Reed has made his mark in both straight and gay porn. He has done 800(possible well over 1000) scenes in straight porn and in the process had sex with over 500 women(he said 1500 in the interview with Johnny Rapid but I doubt that). If you look at IAFD,I think the porn ladies he has had sex with number at over 800. And he had scenes with a few of girls a few times. That’s why I doubt that 1500 figure he mentioned.
    In 2012,he cemented his status as one of the top male pornstars in America(and possibly the world) by winning the XBiz Male Performer Of The Year. So he was the top 5 most in demand male porn stars in America(possibly the world) for a few years,did a lot of porn,fucked a lot of chicks(straight men’s dream) and was recognized for his work by the industry. Accomplishment and satisfaction there,I guess.
    As for gay porn,a very brief stint,just under a year. But he made it to the top because he was an EXCLUSIVE for Men.com,which also means he was paid more than the non-exclusives, and had over 30 scenes with them.
    I think Rocco is in a good or very okay place financially. He smart. He’s hard working. He has a degree in clinical psychology. He possibly made well over USD$100,000 from doing straight porn alone in 5 years,given the amount of scenes he did. Then,an exclusive with Men.com,that paid more per scene I’m sure than each of his straight scenes.
    What’s next for Rocco? Moving to North Carolina,a new home,marriage,then I would think kids. Becoming a Crossfit coach(he’s a certified Crossfit trainer) and business? He did mention on his Rocco Reed twitter that he was interested in having his own gym,I think.
    I sure will miss him. Hell! I am in love with him!

  20. Are people really that ignorant? Rocco Reed is NOT HETEROSEXUAL. The man was taking so many cocks, sucking dick, getting fucked fucking. I don’t believe this gay4pay bullshit, because I believe there has to be a level of sexual attraction for a man to want to do gay porn. You can’t fake orgasms, erections ect. Rocco Reed is most likely bisexual at least the guy was definitely interested in gay sex he also admitted on You Tube he’s bisexual.

  21. I also want to add, there is still so much stigma about being gay or bisexual, no wonder SO MANY of these gay porn stars DENY being gay or bisexual which is such bullshit! I give credit to all the gay male porn stars who ADMIT they are indeed gay or bisexual. It is kind of dumb to be honest for these men to deny their bisexuality and homosexuality while getting porked by other men and sucking a bunch of cocks.

  22. This is a great point, yes gay pays MORE but nobody makes millions doing gay porn certainly not the male performers. So this is why I don’t believe this gay4pay BULLSHIT! The porn companies believe gay men are SO STUPID and dumb, they actually think these men are heterosexual doing gay porn. It is not true, the men who do gay porn are at least BI CURIOUS, probably BISEXUAL in real life and some of these men are indeed GAY.
    But due to the stigma of homophobia EVEN in the porn industry, a lot of these gay or bisexual men don’t say they are because they are TOLD by the porn companies NOT TO. The companies want the performers to have a mystique about their sexuality.
    But most men aren’t dumb, if you are doing gay porn, you are not STRAIGHT. I don’t believe that for a second. There has to be a LEVEL of SEXUAL ATTRACTION for other men to want to do gay porn.

  23. I recently discovered him and I liked him. His physic is amazing, especially when bottoming and he is cute, bless him. I am sad to discover he has left the business 🙁

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