Why the change of name for Brenden Cage? (tip@Alias74)

It was in 2010 that Brenden Cage started his gay porn career. Ever since, it was the name he used.


Until now. He was given the name Michael Anthony [gallery] in his latest scene for Kink Men (via Bound Gods).


UPDATE I was wrong. Brenden did use the porn name Michael Anthony before he became Brenden Cage in 2010 [profile as Michael and Brenden].


9 thoughts on “Why the change of name for Brenden Cage? (tip@Alias74)

  1. He also went by Michael Anthony in the past for Mission4Muscle and Straight Muscle Guys.

  2. He actually started out as Michael Anthony in 2010 according to Smutjunkies, which has not merged his two profiles yet. He’s still hot.

  3. It’s because (I think) Kink.com represents a different genre of porn. It’s like Fabio Stallone becoming Luca Bondi when he does bareback.

  4. I think some studios will let you use a porn name you got from another studio and others won’t

  5. I first used the name Michael Anthony for Playgirl TV. Then switched to Breden Cage in my first Scenes for Cock Sure Men and Jake Cruise because it Googled better than Michael Anthony. Several years later doing another scene for PlayGirl TV I used the name “Donnie Master” one time as a joke. It was my old boss’s name who was a total a•hole. I switched back to Michael Anthony in 2013 for Kink because of some legal issues. Now in 2014 I’m officially retired!

  6. Congrats on your official retirement, Brenden! (Always good to exit when you start looking like a pudgy tranny.)

  7. hello Mr.Brenden
    I would like to meet you. you are my favorite porn star. could you plz give me an appointment. where do you live sir?
    a hot date with you will be more exciting to me.
    plz care to reply

  8. Hello mr brenden!you are my favorite.I want to send a letter for you,but i dont know your email address?Hope to meet you one day.

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