A 2011 scene of Ricky Larkin released this week ***updated***

The latest on Extra Big Dicks is a scene of Ricky Larkin with Mark Jameson. I did search Google and Bing if this scene was a re-release. It's not (I think).


I believe this scene was filmed in 2011. The last twitter message of Ricky Larkin was in 2011.


Not only that. Ricky Larkin left gay porn all of a sudden even if he had commitments.


WEHT to Ricky Larkin?

UPDATE Ricky Larkin is back in gay porn.

7 thoughts on “A 2011 scene of Ricky Larkin released this week ***updated***

  1. Wasn’t he reported missing a couple years ago? I seem to remember a blog story about someone saying he was missing and then never hearing anything else about the story. But like it wasn’t his family who reported him missing….he just didn’t show up to a porn shoot and they got worried (which I found sweet for some odd reason).

  2. It would help if I had read the twitter nonsense which more or less said the same thing I did.

  3. He just left porn, and didn’t maintain contact. Wasn’t the first guy to do this and won’t be the last.
    By the way, it is easy to do a simple Google search with the man’s actual name. And if these porn producers have them, they can just relocate him to see if he is alright.

  4. Maybe he got deported or something like that. I’m hoping nothing sinister happened, but it was rather odd when I first heard about it. It still is in fact, even if I was never a fan of his work.

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