29 thoughts on “A new look for Abe of Sean Cody

  1. Abe is a god. Snowballs in this one and sucks cock superbly. Seems gay, or at least bi, to me, in all his stuff.

  2. Why do porn stars feel the need to tan excessively? I think Abe’s pale skin was one of the hotter draws about him….now he just looks like every other musclehead, tanned douche….only with close set eyes and elf ears (not a criticism if you know my taste in men).
    That said….he is either a person who works outdoors regularly, or he shot the majority of his films on ONE visit to the SC ranch, or he is a competition body builder OR he owns a tanning salon.
    I don’t know…you decide.
    Meanwhile, someone pick up the Prada bag that fell out of Brent’s mouth. shakes head

  3. I liked Abe before the tan for his voice and sex appeal, and now even more, he’s just so sexy and cute, stuff of husbands

  4. I really like this updated “ABE” better,…nice tan, beefy physique, and thank goodness he grew out more head-hair. LOL!!

  5. I mean, how can one deny that Abe looks totally hot? But it’s obvious if you know what to look for that Abe is taking “Vitamin S”. Certainly the results are great, but I hate it that Abe and others like him think it’s worth causing potentially great damage to their health for such unimportant (in the general scheme of things) short-term “gain.”

  6. Love abe, but he has yet to be paired with a guy of his same stature and quality. Why do studios always seem to weaken their vids with odd duck pairings?

  7. Waiting for the day when Abe will bottom.
    He is too gorgeous to just be a boring old top.

  8. Abe is my favourite Sean Cody model of all time. Big, butch, and aggressive he is The Stud! Would love to see him fuck Corbin Fisher model Connor.

  9. Upgrade! When I first saw the picture I thought he’s all tan and sexy now. But no matter what he looks like the guy can’t looj bad

  10. I’m surprised so many people don’t like this pairing. I guess I like my gay men gay and I love to watch Brent get pounded. I think he’s a sexy ass twink.

  11. I’m with you! Abe can do no wrong with me. If he thought he had to tan to please his fans then he was mistaken. Just keep giving great performances like he has been doing.

  12. He’s beautiful! I just prefer him now compared to his solo because the really short hair was a little bit of a mistake.. I want to be in a scene with him

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