Christian Jade aka Adam Ridge crowned Mr. Gay World USA 2013

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Mr. Gay World USA 2013 did porn where he also wore his uniform in a photo shoot at Active Duty. But, at that time, he got in trouble with the Military for the misuse of a uniform. The Military Court ruled he was “partially” not guilty.


Besides the porn name Christian, Mr Gay World USA 2013 also used the names Christian Jade, Adam, and Adam Ridge between 2008 to 2012.


I hope you win Mr Gay World 2013!

10 thoughts on “Christian Jade aka Adam Ridge crowned Mr. Gay World USA 2013

  1. Not that I’m having any problem with this but I wonder: would the guy be dethroned for doing porn before competing for the title?

  2. Nice job, Denz. While a number of gay porn stars are “straight” in real-life, Christian/Adam is one of the one’s whom I’ve always felt truly was gay. I would say it’s because I’ve never seen him in straight action but even I can’t say that would make him gay.

  3. He’s hot and I’ve always looked for his scenes….I just wish he was a bit more aggressive, I guess. Seems a bit too laid back for hot, passionate porn.
    He’s a munchkin but a hot munchkin. hehe Good luck at the World competition, Matthew!

  4. He left Corbin Fisher because they said on their site he was engaged to one of the girls on the site and they were going to get married. This is a very strange occurrence. Good work, Denz

  5. Christian/Adam is a beautiful guy with a great personality. Love watching his porn scenes. He is a little guy with a big cock and man has he packed on the muscle in the last year or two.

  6. “Congrats to ADAM”!!
    Nice to see a “Corbie” (CF-Model)… making it to the top of his profession.
    Thanks – DENZ for sharing. 🙂 🙂

  7. I agree with Andrew 100%, especially about the Active Duty days–the Christmas party scene when he and Zack because involved on the couch was special.

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