24 thoughts on “Cody Cummings is now known as Kevin Lengyel

  1. Well, that was quick… the video has already been removed. I never really watched his videos… his shtick got boring fairly quickly… he just wasn’t versatile enough for me I guess…

  2. Checking google tells me he was outed by the dirty in 2011. He is Kevin Lengyel.
    And he really is homophobic.
    quoted from the following website when the straight posters mocked him for doing gay porn:
    edited by Men of Porn
    [the link was removed… I agree with the comment of E.J “they hate us, we gays are sub-humans to them.”… so we should avoid giving them traffic]
    “I let guys suck my cock as part of my contract and because that’s want the fags and hags want and they pay for the site.
    I don’t ever fucked a guy.”

  3. Well, the good news is (hopefully) that this dousche is done taking gay men’s money (Why some of you ever gave him your money is beyond me). The bad news for him (if he’s gonna do str8t porn now) goodluck finding a str8t porn starlett willing to touch you after you been doing gay porn. Despite you professing to the contrary, you HAVE engaged in gay sex, and we all know how the straight industry feels about straight men’s penises who have done gay stuff.

  4. Oh and guys, I know you only posted links for the purposes of information, but please don’t give porn********* any press–They hate us, we gays are sub-humans to them.

  5. Good riddance. Can’t stand these conflicted “I hate guy people but do gay porn anyway” morons.

  6. If he’s retiring, GOOD RIDDANCE. Normally, I don’t care if a performer is gay for pay. But I do loathe it when a performer is gay for pay and boring while having some deluded sense of entitlement–as if we should be honored that some midget decided to take his clothes off for us and do the same damn thing over and over again.

  7. Never been a fan. He won”t be missed by me. He should be boycotted btpy every gay bar and venue because comes across as a smug asshole who uses gay people. Just my two cents.

  8. I was never a fan of the guy, but I was not hating on his schtick, either–Until I read his comments bragging about how ‘fags bought me a truck and a house’. Well, this fag did not buy you anything, I don’t find you appealing enough for even a pity donation. Have fun having the door slammed in you face when you try to go do straight porn. You think you were being clever by not doing any actual gay sex, but the straight industry feels that you did more than enough..

  9. Well, the only people to blame for him being around this long is everyone who paid money to be a member of his website. He probably brought in a lot of money or they would have canned his as* along time ago. I’m glad he’s gone and thought he should have been the first person fired last year but money talks and he walked the walk with the revenue he brought in.

  10. I wonder if Next Door Studios is going to release the unedited video version of him sucking Tommy D’s dick.

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