6 thoughts on “For those who missed Marcus Mojo in action

  1. Marcus M. and Brandon makes for a good pairing. I enjoyed watching this Jockstudios scene.
    Till waiting on Mr. Mojo visiting California and offering his ESCORT services. lol!!
    Thanks DENZ, for spot-lighting my favorite former-NDS model.

  2. I wish he’d do scenes for kink.com and do a real gangbang – not like that pizzaboy crap movie.

  3. I loved watching Marcus Mojo and Brandon Lewis together. Besides being physically beautiful, they are two of the sweetest guys in porn.

  4. The scene was actually released by Falcon when the flick came out, as well as some of the other scenes. I’ve got the scene from early 2012. I’m too lazy to actually get up and pull out that hard drive to see when I actually downloaded it, but it’s way more than 12 months ago.
    Realize content for this blog is hard to come by, but at least come up with less teasing headlines.

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