16 thoughts on “Fratmen Jayden is now Jaden Storm at Flirt 4 Free

  1. He says he is 6’2 at his profile page on Flirt 4 Free.
    Is that really true? He looks under 6 feet!

  2. Yeah he has been around forever on fratpad. He left and came back multiple times which is prob why you got 2012

  3. Yes he has bee Fratmen Jayden since January 2008 when he was given that name during his first photo shoot at FMTV.com. Yes he has been around a long time but the reason for that is he likes to play with others and does very well on cam. Arguably the best to ever work for the pad.

  4. Very handsome guy, seems comfortable playing to all those that want to watch. Live and let live.

  5. Live and let live and he certainly does not to be called shit. Show a little decency OMG.

  6. Jayden is hot and a real nice guy. He’s good at initiating things and getting others to have some fun.

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