18 thoughts on “Hot or not? Alex Amore, Brian O’neil & Dato Foland

  1. Brian O’Neill = Porn’s version of the new Man of Steel Henry Cavill.
    Meanwhile Dato…..get your uncut meat steak over to my place IMMEDIANTE!!!!!

  2. Brian is my choice since he has the best chance of these three in becoming a CF-Corbie.

  3. I guess I’m the only one that’d totally go for Alex. I wouldnt even give Brian or Dato a second look.

  4. Thumbs up for Brian! Alex can be my cabana boy any day! Dato , not my cup of tea, but I am sure he fits the bill for those that like that menacing look.

  5. yes, yes (although he’s of a rather generic type these days), and no that in a suit semi brutal euro vibe is getting old

  6. They’re all cute, but am I the only one who finds it a waste of money to subscribe to sites that showcase only solo-jerk off sessions? I wanna pay to watch guys have sex, not jerk off by themselves (with a few exceptions, cause there’s certain guys that I’m into so much that i would pay to watch them sitting at a bus stop doing nothing).

  7. EJ, i agree with you. I think solos are the most boring form of porn as well. I consider it filler for websites that like to crow about how many videos they post. It is not about quantity, its about quality and solos are a waste of everyones money in my opinion. I suspect there are a few that this is a fetish thing.

  8. I am just as satisfied watching solo jackoff scenes as I am watching full sex scenes. In fact, in many cases I actually prefer the solo scenes, mostly becuase I’m particular about guys and it’s rare that I’ll like both the guys in a scene. And not liking one of the two guys can be a boner-killer. So with solos you dont have that problem. You can just enjoy your chosen man.

  9. I agree I hope they are able to entice him with more $$ to do stuff with a guy 😉

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