Hot or not? Robert Drtina

Robert Drtina H: 6'0", W: 187 lbs, FT: 9.1", & Cock: 7.48" uncut

He was introduced by William Higgins last March 2013. So far, he had 4 action scenes released . He got a massage from Adam Rupert. A full contact, as a top, with Vasek Konik. A Czech up, as a bottom, with Ivo Kerk. His most recent scene released was Wank Party 2013 #5 (Part 1) with Lucas Pribyl, Borke Sokol and Jan Faust.


So far, William Higgins has not released a raw scene of Robert Drtina.

10 thoughts on “Hot or not? Robert Drtina

  1. Robert is way past just hot. He has a beautiful face, a muscular ripped body, really nice guns and six pack, an uncut cock, and a great smile. He looks like the total package to me.

  2. Denz you forgot the spanking scene for the sister site to William Higgins. On STR8HELL.COM he was spanked by Adam Rupert. And IMO he is hot. Probably better described as steaming. Can’t imagine him walking in a room and not getting noticed immediately. Could he end up on Belami like Scott Bennet? The only difference is Scott did nothing more than a massage scene with a guy at and then went to Belami and bottomed for Adam Archuleta. Robert would already have experience but hooking him up with the Kinky Angels would be hot to see as well. Just a thought.

  3. The only GLARING missing component is pubic hair, or body hair in general. These boys and their shaving/manscaping. Ugh

  4. One of the handsomest, sexually attractive, men on the site–and it looks like he’s good in bed, too from what I’ve downloaded. Thanx, Denz, for spotlighting this hunk.

  5. Hey, hey, hey, things are looking up.At last an attractive muscular manly guy. Keep it guys. You’re gonna catch someone’s interest.

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