Paul Walker as Bruce Williams (tip @ Hugh)

Paul Walker's first scene as a bottom to his good friend Paddy O'Brian has just been released by MEN of UK. This won't be his first and only scene as a bottom. He recently filmed a scene with Colby Jansen.


Just last month (May 29, 2013), his str8 scene using the name Bruce Williams was released.


I just wish the day would come where porn stars don't need to change their porn names, specially if they cross over from gay to str8 porn.

13 thoughts on “Paul Walker as Bruce Williams (tip @ Hugh)

  1. Paul W./Bruce W. is a good friend to Paddy??? Mmmm…wonder if he ever had a chance to rim or invade Mr. O’Brian’s (presumably still virgin),.. hole. lol!!

  2. I took issue with another one of my favorite porn blogs (I wont say who)who frequently makes disparaging remarks about Paddy O’brian being unintelligible. They even made a reference to this particular scene and facetiously beckoned the question, “What language are they speaking?”
    Now, I know Paddy has a strong Cockney accent, but he is far from being unintelligible. Plus he’s really sexy,(One of the few gay4payers who kisses his scene partners, even after the moneyshot).
    I don’t see why give him a hard time over such a trivial thing, that he cannot change. It’s not English class.

  3. @ Real, the story on the blog did not enable comments. I only brought it up here, wondering if anyone else heard the same criticisms about paddy.

  4. Well probably because he didn’t want his straight porn employers to know that he did gay porn – hence the change of name.
    It becomes rather hard to get hired in straight porn after you’ve been on the gay side.

  5. Have of the viewers of porn are backwater podunks who can’t get ass or laid. And the rest of teenagers and college dudes who don’t have enough experience behind them…
    it is this reason why they’d lose their shit if they found out one of their favorite “starlets” was being banged by a “fag.”
    It has nothing to do with homophobia on part of the studios, it has to do with viewers who, otherwise, don’t get laid.
    Most people who have sex, enough of it, and with no issues or problems getting it…are comfortable with gays. They don’t care. I think with a few exceptions, if the guys are honest about their work history-and they have no STI’s, the women don’t care.

  6. You wait for the day that actors wouldn’t have to change their name especially if they flip from Gay to Str8 porn; I wait for the day when Gay porn actually uses Gay people in it! Then there would be no need to change names. If that happened you wouldn’t have fighting over whether or not they could actually stomach doing more with guys than letting them worship their overdone bodies (Right, Kevin Langyel?), you wouldn’t have all of the talk about how important boobs are to them and how, away from money they would never really be with a guy (right, Paddy O’Brien, Jeremy Bilding, Jason Adonis, Kurt Wild, Rod Daily, James Jamesson and the rest of you)? If we actually saw Gay people in Gay porn enjoying their job and their partners, and there was actually chemistry that was not forced, imagine how much better the finished product and the business as a whole could be. Wanna lessen the fear that people aren’t paying for your products? Stop pimping the obviously G4P stuff and get Gay people with chemistry and create stuff people might want to actually PAY FOR! I am so sick of seeing the industry inundated with the G4P deluge leading to limp cocks and passionless scenes. It bores me and damn near everyone else to tears (ask anyone who has watched a Rocco Reed Men.Com scene if I’m wrong).

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