Sergeant Slate of All American Heroes is now Slate Steele at Next Door Male

It was only last January 2013 that Sergeant Slate was introduced by All American Heroes. He was in the middle of a sandwich in his last (?) scene released.


Sergeant Slate is the new guy at Next Door Male with the name Slate Steele.


Who shot him best? AAH OR NDM?


11 thoughts on “Sergeant Slate of All American Heroes is now Slate Steele at Next Door Male

  1. I love sexy guys in uniform, but watching Slate smiles just melted me.
    So, NDM won.

  2. I choose the NDS-Male photos any day including Sunday over those posted by AAH. AAH background/settings are drab and depressing which does a tremendous injustice to their models.
    Mr. Slate is a great looking HUNK that has destroyed his beautiful skin-tone with all that INK. 🙁 🙁 🙁 but everything above his shoulders can melt your heart. 🙂 🙂

  3. He ate a ton of cum at AAH, which won’t happen at NDS. He reminds me of Jim Slade, one of the first great ex-military porn stars of the past 10 years, who was a serious bottom and one of the few mainstream porn guys who admitted he was gay and also ate a lot of cum on screen.

  4. NDS won’t show him at his best, sexually. They tend to (as we know) have guys like him as tops only/G4P. They also never show penetration in their promos. Homophobic fail of a studio.

  5. I thought this cat looked familiar….and yeah, he was a cum guzzler. Kinda wanna know if that was for the benjamins or because he actually likes eating cum.
    Meanwhile….beauty like this is WASTED on NDS.
    DUDE, if you’re reading this: Get thee to Sean Cody, Dirty Tony, Chaosmen, or any of the big studios like Lucas Entertainment or TIM.
    And while I agree that tats can ruin beauty, there’s is ZERO wrong with this guy! YUMSVILLE!

  6. I couldn’t agree more — especially about all the ink. Have never found tats very appealing.

  7. Them not showing penetration is weird seeing as their sister site, Dylan Lucas, does in theirs.

  8. Yep. Just like they did with Campbell Stevens. He bottomed in every video when he was with SC and I thought he would at least do it once with NDS but it didn’t happen and is still happening while he’s with Meanwhile another former SC alumni, Rylan Shaw, did nothing but bottom while at NDS and did more topping with SC.

  9. His scene with Jaxon Colt was just released by NDB. It’s a very mano-a-mano bromance scene with very little fucking, but he tops what looks to be an obviously gay Jaxon (watch his “acting” and listen to him). He totally dominates the screen, much like Marc Dylan or Jim Slade used to, but of course there’s no cum eating.

  10. His cum shot with Jaxon Colt looked fake. Disappointing for such a hot stud.

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